Thursday, May 13, 2010

A trip to see Tony

It was a real treat to escape Arizona for a few days and spend them just Tony and I.  When he found out we were going to be apart from each other for a while he immediately went looking for plane tickets so I could visit. (:
And it was just what we needed...
Airport bathroom pic.... what does one wear when they haven't seen their husband in foreverz???  I dunno... but I wore this: 
The shirt I was hoping to find that one fun day...
4-24 & 25 -2010 (7)
I got there later in the day, once Tony was done with work.  We ate at Toby Keith's, got delish concretes from my favorite place here, and enjoyed a theater all to ourselves.  Mostly, it was fun just to hang out for the first time in weeeeeks.  That theater is the best around.
4-24 & 25 -2010 (16)4-24 & 25 -2010 (17) 
The next day we spent walking around Bricktown... we saw a movie again that night too...getting all our movie watching in since this summer it will be hard to find a sitter.
4-24 & 25 -2010 (29)4-24 & 25 -2010 (40)4-24 & 25 -2010 (38)4-24 & 25 -2010 (36)4-24 & 25 -2010 (41)4-24 & 25 -2010 (45)
I'm also thinking I have to try this place... Mexican food EMBASSY!  haha.  Embassy. (easily amused)  I also want to go to that Melting Pot (although I've already had it)...but I want to go- just because the building alone is huge.
So here are the details of that first outfit- since it is currently my favorite!-
Shirt- Day Trip, from Buckle
Jeans- MEK
Gold chain heart and pearl drop necklace- vintage.  From my great Grandma Pearl (:
Necklace and Matching earrings-
Downeast Basics lace cami- I wear one just about every day!  LOVE them!
Times Square Tangerine Creme polish- NYC.  It's like 2 dollars and doesn't chip like the more expensive kind do!
Navy belt- thrifted
Gold shoes- Ross.  Love cheap finds!

(ps I love clothes... another clothes post in your future- it's another REVIEW!!)

Oh good times visiting my bff.

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cris (cristal) said... Reply To This Comment

nice style you have (:


Lecia said... Reply To This Comment

You make OKC even sound fun!

*Mars* said... Reply To This Comment

how fun! You are too cute. I love the outfit & accessories. LOVE me some clothes always!! Ugh I wish I had a good camera & could take cool pictures like you :) Glad you got to go visit the hubby for alone time!

Marci Darling said... Reply To This Comment

I'm loving your outfit!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

you looked adorable :)
I hope being away from each other goes by super fast!

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

cute cute cute!! i'm so glad you were reunited with your love...and you were looking mighty sexy!! cute shirt girl!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

it's an ADORABLE outfit. i wanna go shopping now! haha

Rasha said... Reply To This Comment

So fun. I love this post.

Rasha said... Reply To This Comment

So fun. I love this post. Love that shirt.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I hadn't read the post when I saw the picture in the airport bathroom, and thought---"that looks like she was in an airport bathroom!" Wow, have I been in too many, or what? It is awesome you got to visit Tony that week-end! Good times! Your clothes are adorable as is the NYC Nail Polish---we always bought that for you guys growing up---I still buy it now (when I buy nail polish)! Love, Mother

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I love your label for this post -- "i still date"!
And super cute outfit by the way. Glad you had a fun trip. :)

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

@Lecia Lecia, have you been here before? It is FUN! But of course, it's whatever you make it to be (:

Sara said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my heck you have great style!!! Will you be my personal assistant?

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Youre Hot! end of story. I vote that when you get back we revamp my whole wardrobe. You in?