Friday, May 28, 2010

Today in OK

A few days ago my all-day-migranes gave me a couple days off.  I thought they were gone and I was floating on clouds!  CLOUDS!  But. They're baaaack.  It's become so normal now though- I'm used to it... but it's something I didn't have with Brody so I didn't expect it.  Moving on..

9:10 am- (also known as the crack of dawn) I peeled myself off our bed so I could get on with the day.  I shared my bowl of Cinnamon Life with Brody (who oddly won't eat breakfast unless it's mine.. since wednesday anyway) and then checked my usual empty email inbox.

I'm what you call spontaneous.  I have no plans for the day- ever.  I kind of just go where ever the wind takes me (or where ever I'm invited to).

Brody and I hit up our pool since it opened for the first time TODAY.
he does the cutest things
and we were off to try the double downers at KFC, as suggested by a fellow blogger.  At the time I was thinking, it was really good but would be a one time experience- talk about a flavor explosion!  Thinking back on it now, I'd love to be eating one.. NOW.  Maybe if I knew it wouldn't clog my arteries, I would be!  But I can't be certain about that.. I'm thinking only thing that would make it more unhealthy would be if they wrapped a pizza around it and deep fried it in canola oil.  But I say unhealthy now and then won't kill ya!

After the pool and lunch I got myself all cute-like (I washed my hair)... and then sat around doing nothing.

Today was one of those days where everyone stares at me like I have a giant football size goiter growing out the side of my neck.  But I don't think it was because they thought I was some kind of spectacle. Maybe the higher-than-usual volume of stares had something to do with my new conditioner.  Yep.. that's it.
Later, the wind took me to ESKIMO SNO.  Only the most satisfying snowcone experience west of the Mississippi!  To me, anyway.  heh. Remember my love for it last year?  So upon arrival I noticed it was GONE!  DEMOLISHED!  A tornado took it away or maybe a smart burglar- if only I'd thought of that.
But then I noticed they made it into a store not twenty feet across the parking lot!!  JOY TO THE WORLD!

I walked in today not really in the mood for anything particular so I asked for some suggestions.  One girl looked at me like I was from outer space, like it was the hardest question she'd had all day... but another girl said "Oh  OOH!  Try Guava and Coconut... it tastes like SUMMER."
(that sounds good I'll have that.)
I want another!
I just want little baby grapefruit to enjoy the finer things in life (or whatever fruit they compare it to at this stage in the game)

Classical music playing (to send this baby to AP classes in high school), Brody napping in the backseat, and then there's me: bored with a camera.

I wish every day consisted of the pool, snowcones, and obviously Brody.
The only thing missing is Tony... who has Monday OFF!  So excited.

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leigh ashley said... Reply To This Comment

you're so cute!! that actually sounds like a pretty great day! i wish we had a pool... that would be SAWEET!! :)

Annie said... Reply To This Comment

OK, you are the cutest ever!! and brody is adorable too!!
your guys' day sounds like a perfect summer day to me!! how fun!
i can not remember the last time i had a slushie, it looks and sounds delish!
enjoy memorial day weekend pretty girl!!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

i like sno cones!! i will need to look for a stand tomorrow (:
awww, how fun to go swimming (:

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

you are so hilarious & so pretty. so did you know there is a amp cone place like that on power and main??? true. i don't know if its as good as that place since the last time i was there i was 11...

brody is getting so big. he's a cutie!

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

i wish i could have been a part if that day! it was so hot knocking, i could have def used a sno cone! i love you, lets go get one tomorrow!

Tracy said... Reply To This Comment

MMMmm sno cones do sound delightful! And Guava? I would have never thought of that, but delicious none the less!

I am thinking about starting my theory again in the fall at MCC to hopefully get through the entire thing this time ha ha. I think I am going to start all over at intro to theory. ha ha. What level are you in now? Are you going to take again this fall even with the new baby?!

I'm sorry about the head aches!! Migranes are the absolute worst!!

salena said... Reply To This Comment

guava & coconut? yes please.
We drove by that Hawaiian Mike's today and I wanted so bad! Hey there's a self serve frozen yogurt place next to Homeland called "Lemon Tree" it's really good! They have crepe cups you can put the yogurt in..kinda turning it into a really fattening bowl of yogurt but, still yummy!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Always good to hear about life in Okie Homa and see Brody being cute as ever! Girlie, when are we going to get those sideways pregnant poses of you? We need a visualization on the "little grapefruit!" Have fun with Tony today! Dad and I are going to the Temple, but I don't know when---He moves slow when he is off. It is already 9:00 a.m. and it closes at 1:00. I love you!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

The snow cones in Utah were like that too. When your momma and I were at BYU we used to get them all the time, mostly because they were cheap, but yummy! The raspados just aren't the same. My favorite is the cherry flavored, but guava is good too.

BTW, you and your siblings were just like Brody; food was always better off your momma's plate! Maybe you were using her as a taster in case the food was poisoned...

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

That snow cone sounds heavenly! & sounds like a perfect way to spend the day!

P.S. You are gorgeous.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

SO FUN! You are adorable, and so is your little man. I love him in your shades!

Mauri said... Reply To This Comment

yummm guava & coconut sounds good! I've heard about that double downer @ KFC...looks good! I haven't justified eating it yet. But sounds like it was delicious so maybe I will have to try one. Brody looks cute in those glasses!

Mauri said... Reply To This Comment
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Lauren Burns said... Reply To This Comment

Hi. Can you give me your hair please? That is all. Thanks. Bye.