Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day, and the next day

Mother's day was absolutely wonderful for me.  Initially, I had prepared myself to be alone, in Arizona- just me and Brody.  I would've gotten lots of calls and texts, definitely a card and gift in the mail from Tony, but I would've been alone and that was going to suck.  THEN I found out my finals would end the Friday before so I was going to be there Sunday night... THEN like I said before, I didn't have to take my friday final so I left on Thursday to get here Friday!!  Life is good to me..

Brody gave me the best gift ever, randomly he says...

-I love you Brody!"


-"(laughs) Well, I love you Brody."

"I LOVE you!  i LOVE you!"

-"I love YOU Brody!"

This continued for literally- without exaggeration- about 4 minutes. It was the cutest thing.

Being a mother is the most amazing job in the world.  Nothing compares and nothing takes place of it... go make babies, people! (haha).. but be married first (;

My mother's day went a little like this:


(more on that little "nature walk" later...)
Tony always goes above and beyond on Mother's day to make me feel special.  He hid little notes around the house- each were a new gift.  I was SPOILED!  Not to mention he gave me random foot and back massages, changed all the diapers, did all the dishes, brought me breakfast (offered to make something too- but I wanted cereral), and made dinner!  He likes to make the WHOLE day special so he busted out a sweet love note along with a bunch of my favorite candies later that night.  He's the best!

Well, since that day has and always will be about MY mother- I just have to say I SCORED in the mom department.  She is literally the sweetest, happiest, most selfless, loving person on earth.  Not only does she put her family first but she is the most Christlike person to everyone she meets.   I love my mom- she and I have always been best friends.  AND....Look what she did for ME!  Can you imagine?  MY mother getting ME a gift for mother's day?!  She really went all out- even got Brody something.
A wonderful box of goodies..

Happy late Mother's Day to all you mother's and future mother's!

The next day was..... NUTS.

T'was about this far into our Oklahoma stay last year that a Tornado Warning was issued.  One actually did touch down but miles away from us and headed away.  I thought then that nervously watching the news, with a mattress in front of our window, was cruel and unusual punishment to this California native.  It was torture, I say!  That was up until yesterday though when I realized the sick reality of these tornadoes... and that actually what I experienced last year, paled in comparison to what could happen.  I have to say we were blessed.  Compared to what happened to most of Oklahoma I didn't even get a scratch (I really didn't get a scratch).  But still, it was a frightening evening, to say the least.

I'm sure you heard but Oklahoma got the most tornadoes yesterday then they have had in 2 decades (30+ for the day!).  The damage was absolutely insane...
Here's my story...
Tony called around 5 to ask me what the weather was supposed to be like where he was selling.  Apparently, it was raining cats and dogs and he wasn't sure how long it was supposed to last.  I checked weather.com and it said it should be fair with a 25% chance of precipitation.  You don't say.  I wasn't worried.  "Love you!"  *click
Two minutes later the tornado warning alarm went off.  If you have ever heard it, it's not pleasant.  At least, it freaks me out!  It's a bunch of loud sirens that blare through the entire city.  Anyway, so I called Tony off the hook but couldn't get a hold of him- the calls wouldn't go through!  When I finally did get ahold of him, he said he was chasing a tornado and got a video of it.  Oh phew- and I was sitting here worried.  ACK!  I looked out the window and saw the same tornado off in the distance.  It was raining pretty bad where I was so I didn't want to leave but Tony said, "GET off the third floor you have to get out of there!"  So I grabbed Brody, his juice cup, and ran out the door.

I got down the stairs and by the time I did the rain had let up a lot.  Still, I strapped him in, and headed for the lowest covered ground level place I knew.  (Although, you are supposed to get BELOW ground level.. anways..)  As SOON as I got in the car HUGE golf ball size hail pelted us.  I backed up and got under a covered parking spot (apparently people pay big bucks for those around here).  Cars all around me were getting mutilated- I couldn't get all the way under though since my side mirror was stuck against the metal beam.  But I was just happy Brody and I were safe under there, at least.  Still, being in a car is a bad idea during something like this.  Tony called to see how I was and told me to forget the hail, and get to the office.  So I drove through it to the office- as SOON as I got there it had stopped for Brody and I to get out.  Thank GOODNESS.
(They dont look that big but they were!  See the one exploding apart?  They broke on landing.  Some got up to softball size!)

The rest of the story is quite boring- no tornado ripped by us THANKFULLY!  Yes, I said dozens of thank you prayers.  Brody and I just hung out in the office for over an hour watching the news.  I finally left and watched the news at our place.  I was told another storm was supposed to come through but it never hit our area.
(This happened to a car parked next to me..happened to tons of people's cars, poor guys!)

We are supposed to get some more severe storms this week (hip hip hooray)... but at least now I'm a little more knowledgeable about what to do.  I'm new at this!

Alright that's it from me... I'm off to watch American Idol in HD.  you know.

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leigh ashley said... Reply To This Comment

ooh, hail that big is SO scary! that happens almost every year here in colorado. a couple years ago was the tornado that destroyed windsor... eek! glad you guys are okay!! and that you had a wonderful mother's day!!

Tuihalalalala said... Reply To This Comment

so that is freaky. I'm really nervous about the whole 3rd floor thing. Is tornado season supposed to be over soon? I'll see you there soon, hopefully with good weather, right? :)

Tuihalalalala said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry! I'm at my moms house and signed in on my sisters account.
(This is Salena:)

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

OMgosh I was just thinking "I wonder if someone will blog about the weather in OK" omgosh never knowing you were out there already! Craziness. well that's exciting too. :)

Kathleen said... Reply To This Comment

That's terrifying! Glad to hear everybody's safe!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

Hail like that is so scary! I saw someone on a motorcycle being hammered one time while driving through intense hail!
p.s. Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Holy crap you don't see hail like that in AZ - really I always thought they were exaggerating when they said golfball size, but that one in the center-left is definitely bigger. My brother and his family live in OK and I've been constantly terrified for them since the news of these started.

Also, Tony's a good guy.

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! That sounds so scary!! Glad you guys are all right!!!

I would of completely freaked out! I live in Austin, TX where there is about 1 tornado every 5-6 years but I still freak out when a thunderstorm comes!! Tornados = biggest fear.

*Mars* said... Reply To This Comment

Your little Brody is such a cutie! Glad you had a good Mother's Day! And that is scary about the tornado! And glad you guys are safe. The place I lived in CO had tornado sirens & I hate that sound. So scary! I've seen big hail too-ugh crazy weather freaks me out.

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

When I was little I lived in Colorado and I remember one time when a tornado warning went off and I have to agree they are not very pleasant at all!!!

I don't really remember anything else except playing video games in my grandma's basement and wondering why a tornado was such a big deal hahaha....Glad you are all ok :)

You should post Tony's tornado video sometime!!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

oh my heck. i'd be terrified. glad you're okay!!!

Nicole Marie said... Reply To This Comment

oh my gosh all that hail!! crazy!
happy late mommys day!

Jamie said... Reply To This Comment

I seriously don't know what I would have done if I would have seen a tornado! Probably would have lost some bodily fluids! Glad you guys are ok!

I think i'm gonna have Timmy start taking notes from Tony on what to do for me Mother's Day! ;)

Glad you were able to spend it with your family!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

arghh so cute. im mad Oklahoma took my friend, though. I can't wait until it spits you back out in AZ :-P

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Glad to hear you made it through those tornados of Monday safely. I keep praying for your safety. You all are important to us! I am also glad you had a nice Mother's day and that you liked the gifts from your Mommy to you. I love my best friend! Love, Mom