Saturday, May 15, 2010

948 Miles

Brody and I headed out of AZ a little over a week ago.  I was feeling pretty confident over my finals and stuff.  Turns out I got straight A's!  That's, SIX A's for me!  I'm super happy because I worked my little tail off juggling slightly too much- but it's all over.  WOo Hoo!

I was going to take a few online classes this semester but Tony insisted I focus on spending all that time with Brody because once the new baby is here, my time will be divided.  What a wonderful husband I have.  I was feeling like I needed to do more but he wants me to just take it easy during this pregnancy.  I'm SO glad I listened to him and I'm done with school for the summer.  I'm so happy to have another year of school under my belt though!
It was a great trip- one I was VERY worried about.  Driving 948 miles- just me and B, with all our valuables, and with a car battery that needs replacing, I wasn't sure how smooth it would go.  I was mostly worried the weeks beforehand would finally catch up to me- that I would fall asleep at the wheel or worse, Brody would scream the entire drive. (JK, I know that's not worse).  The first day was glorious- he freaked for only about 20 minutes the ENTIRE DAY!
We stayed at a nice hotel just off the road on Route 66 and it was great!  I took him to the pool (he was mad when I said we had to go), and we had about an hour of daylight to tour the little town.  Although, I got the worst nights sleep of my life!  Brody was up half the night asking to "go"..ended up falling off the ridiculously high bed once after he finally did fall asleep, cried, watched cartoons for 2 straight hours in the middle of the night until he finally fell asleep at 6am.  It was brutal.  I found out I'm pretty much deaf in one ear (the ear I've always had a problem with- but still could hear out of somewhat) because when I was sleeping on my bad ear the TV was super loud but when I was sleeping on my good ear, I didn't hear the TV at all!  Ugh.  Whatever.
Oh, I had a feeling Brody would roll off the bed- and seeing is they were extremely high, I used the extra 6 pillows and blankets to pad the ground.  So at least he fell on that, right?
Here are some more pictures of the trip:
Brody was mesmerized by the dreamcatchers- and we kept getting looked at like we were going to break something.
Yes we went to a crappy diner at 9pm in our pj's.  This was about 4 seconds before that O.J. ended up on their carpet.
And the next day was a little more rough for Brody- he was upset half the drive.  But we made it to OK in one piece and it was SOO nice to get here earlier than expected.
The only thing that made him happy the 2nd day was letting him "drive" at a rest stop.  He's obsessed with wanting to drive- he's barely two!
Tiresome but fun/successful trip.  Lotta bugs on that windshield.  I couldn't agree more with Tony when he said, "I'm so happy to have my family back!"

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Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats to all those A's you got. Good job, Connie.

And wow, that's a loooot of miles to drive. Great to hear you had a fun/successful trip.
Those are some great pictures you took. Love them.

Marissa said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your grades!!!!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

you are such a good mommy :)

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

Straight As?? HIGH FIVE, GIRLFRIEND! :D I'm so happy for you- also your little road trip looks so fun! Brody's as cute as always, and I love your pictures.

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

I wonder if your hearing problem has anything to do with your pregnancy?? Hopefully it is and will fade away after nine months :)

Congrats on six straight A's! That is what I am aiming for this semester, but I have to wait for my grades to be posted. :(

Rasha said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your A's that is just AWESOme

and yay for the trip and being with family!!

Loving the bloggy design. I am in the process of redoing mine and lordy its a lot of work... I know HOW to get the "about me pages" but how are you getting yours like centered? mine will NOT work! HELP!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

@Chelsea I wish! Maybe that's why it's worse but I've always had problems with my ears... actually, I just realized it's worse than it's been in the past. Old age? Or the fact I don't see an ear doctor regularly like I used to?

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

Hahahahah oh Connie. You are just wonderful.

PS is that the dinosaur from Pee-Wee Herman's pedophile adventure? :)

PPS Guess who is getting the 7d next week? :)

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I love road trips, unfortunately I never have enough time to enjoy them. We are always rushed to get where we are going. One day I hope to drive any where I want and enjoy everything I want like the cheesy gift shops and funny dinosaurs.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I loved seeing this blog, and I could definately relate as it reminded me of myself, driving you and your brothers and sister all over to Texas and back.
Love, Mother P.S. Remember when you and I did 948 miles in one day!!!! Killer, but we made it (without babies, of course)!

leigh ashley said... Reply To This Comment

you got through it! yay!! :)

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

You are one brave mama! I get scared to drive in the car for 10 minutes with Presley. WEre going to disneyland in a few weeks and Im freaking out cause I know its going to be ROUGH! Im very proud of the Brodster for being a good little boy most of the time. What a fun trip just the two of you.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Lol. Ahoy Matey. Love it. I'm glad you have your family back too! Love the pictures. :)

chazandamber said... Reply To This Comment

I love your pics!!

Iva said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations on your As!!! and he is so cute! :)

Bonnie said... Reply To This Comment

He is such a cutie! Looks like you had a pretty fun drive. Arizona & New Mexico are fun to drive through. I'm from Arkansas, but we live in Las Vegas now...its a "different" kind of beautiful. But, I miss all the green in Arkansas!

Bonnie :)