Friday, April 16, 2010

This is what you call a stinker

yes I know he looks harmless but don't let him fool you!

This entire week he has refused nap time.  He'd rather go "walk" or watch "t.b." or "puway".  So you know what that means for me.  No ME time.  And by "me time" I mean nap time... which lately is the only thing that gets me through the day.  

Today was no different... so I finally decided to accept the fact he'd never nap and move on.  I turned on Goofy Movie and decided I'd enjoy it with him.  I LOVED that movie as a kid.  Next thing I know he's nodding off and out like a light. (what, did one of my favorite childhood movies bore you B?)
but really..
*Cue hallelujah chorus.

What did I do to celebrate?  Shoved an entire strawberry fruit roll-up in my mouth at OnCE.  I could never do that as a kid although I so wanted to.  I just didn't want to be sad mine was gone when everyone else had theirs left.  Anyway.

It's pretty wild around here, as you can see.