Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tell me something I don't know.

I was busy editing away when something else stole my attention.  I glanced down to notice my manicured fingers.  I thought, i knew they wouldn't last more than a day.  And what's the deal with them offering me wine after I told them I was prego and didn't drink?  Eh.  Then randomly I got to thinking there is one particularly nagging feature that never fails to spark attention to those that find themselves around me.  I never saw a problem with it- until people so kindly decide to make it known to me that I'm a mutant.  Don't you love when people are so kind to point out little things for you?  I chose to address this pressing issue today.  It's a BIG one. (insert heavy sarcasm)
Here's some background for you:
My little brother is a tough guy- plays lacrosse, doesn't cry, has 10 girl friends.  Actually, only one of those is true.  Anyway, despite his raging manliness, he would squeal, giggle, eeeeeee-  whenever he'd catch a glimpse of them...my ears.  My "tiny ears".  (and off go ten people to inspect pictures on my blog-don't go believin him.. I completely disagree:)  Before I continue I just want to make it clear that I do not think my ears are by any means "tiny" (besides he's the only one who's ever said that)- rather, I think they suit my head quite well.  In fact, I rather love my ears.  But...I never minded.  I'd much rather have dainty little ears than be at the other end of the spectrum.
SO on with it...
It just very well may be my microscopic ears that is why kind folks are noticing my ... "condition" (although you'd think they'd be harder spot).  Eh.  Maybe it was my obsession with gigantic earrings at age five that gave way for the points and stares....  Not two weeks ago this very thing made my stiff russian piano teacher snort and lose it.  Thanks.  I could go on.

My friends, I have low earring holes.. like dangerously low.  I'm pretty sure it had something to do with who pierced them back in 1990.  Get all your laughs out now... and for the love, you don't have to tell me my earring holes look like they are about to rip out.  They won't... they've been tugged on plenty and they've stayed the same since I can remember!  I'm WELL aware they are different than just about everyone else and you know what?  You're the freak!  (I'm telling myself)

*runs away wishing my earring holes were like yours.

Oh- and a happy 21st birthday to that lacrosse playin brother of mine.  Come home from Spain pllllease?!

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shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Actually I'm pretty impressed that you can get away with weighty earrings. I have a good quarter inch between my hole and the tip of my lobe and am most comfortable in studs because my ears HAVE torn before. Now I'm just paranoid.

I'm a mutant too! Or so I say. I have a big dent at the top of my ear. It's pretty easy to spot in pictures if it's not covered and you're looking for it.

Mari said... Reply To This Comment

I think you have beautiful ears but just like Shirley said I'm worried for you when you wear big honking earrings! I'd suggest getting a tear prevention plan =/

Tanner ♥ Chaya said... Reply To This Comment

Everyone tells me I have tiny ears too!! I can totally relate. But you are so right I would rather have small ears than big huge ears!

Little Miss Paige said... Reply To This Comment

Haha, this was a good post. When I got my ears pierced (I was 12) I was SO anal about where she put the hole...I made her erase the mark like 3 times.

Little Miss Paige

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

I am also a tiny-eared person, at least to other people. They don't look that tiny to me, but I understand.

I laughed at the part about 10 people going off to inspect pictures, because that is so me, but I didn't give in.

But thank God for tiny ears instead of jumbo ones.

Rasha said... Reply To This Comment

Dang. Im scared for mine to tear :(

your brother is in spain? is he hot, haha

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

you know whats funny? When I first met my husbands family I couldn't believe how small his siblings ears were! Then I looked at Trevor's. THEY WERE SO SMALL TOO! I didn't even ever notice. In my opinion having small ears is better then having big ears :/ haha.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

p.s. I forgot to say I have mutant toes. really. they are all super long people make fun of me saying they look like fingers. I can lift up amazing things with them they really are like fingers... it is gross &the second toe is bigger then all the rest. It makes wearing sandals embarrassing. So I would gladly take your small ears! haha
p.s.s. Sorry for writing to novel length comments on your blog.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Ahh fetch everyone is missing the point. The tiny ears? A MYTH I SAY! Or rather opinion of one person. It's my earring holes that people always gawk at like I'm some kind of weirdo. hahaha. Ahhh well. You guys are great (:
ps.Alycia- I totally pick stuff up with my feet! Saves a trip down there! lol

Miss Priss Morgan said... Reply To This Comment

What a cute post! Seriously, little ears are the best, "so humph!" Anyway, if you ever decide to become a blog designer (as if your plate isn't already full) let me know!!! PS I'm loving your photography! I was looking at your older stuff, and you have come a long way, it's just gorgeous! Very inspiring. The shoot you just did with "It's a love story" was to die for, you should submit those to a magazine or something, they were breathtaking!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I love the random things you choose to blog about. I've never noticed you low holes..maybe that sounded bad

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I mean *your* I'm typing w/ a baby on my lap!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

That's promising Anne considering you're my SISTER! :D

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

ha ha. I have never noticed your low earring holes. Or your myth tiny ears.