Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lucy, you got some s'plainin to do!

Ok ok.  Well I was gone for a day or two... sorry to go private for that long, I never do.  I had good intentions on giving this place a makeover... I always seem to get the itch to do that with every new approaching season.  Already feels like summer to me round here.  Nevertheless, by the time I got into the heart of it I realized I had no inspiration, motivation, time, or desire to do it.  Good thing I made a back up because it was like an html twister came up in heeere.  Thanks for being patient and not ditching me so quickly. (:  I've mentioned this before but I have no intention on going and staying private..I'd quit blogging before I ever went private. ha!  But really.  SO if you see that I have, it just means I'm bored of the look and I'm going to change it.  Sorry not this time though!  I probably should've guessed that with finals approaching I wouldn't have the time.  Soon enough, hopefully.
But anyway, an especial thanks to the sweet concerned emails and just emails in general.  Thanks friends! ♥