Saturday, March 27, 2010


Awww!  Why, thank you friends for all the congratulations on my pregnancy!  I appreciate it so much, you don't even know what it means to hear from friends a simple "congrats!".  I love you guys!  My family and I are very excited on this new addition.  About a year ago I was certain a baby was on its way and about 6 pregnancy tests, and a year later we finally are. (:  I wasn't too distraught a year ago when it was a false alarm though because hello we weren't even "trying".  Although I've been insanely baby hungry for a loooooong while, a new baby just wasn't in the cards, yet.  The "plan" was to wait till the end of Tony's 2010 summer selling season for the baby to be born (that is, if it didn't happen before).  So preferably August 31, 2010. haha!  Well, thereabouts.  It would be super hard to have a new baby while we were in Oklahoma, in the middle of Tony's 12 hour days, 6-days-a-week work schedule.  So that was the plan.  Once we could finally really "try" it did take a few months longer to happen than we both wanted but I think it made me even more anxious and excited when I finally saw that "pregnant" reading.  I'll post more about my pregnant self- give updates and such as time goes on.  I have a loooong way to go, it seems.
My little Brody man turned a whopping TWO on Friday.  This makes me feel old.  And tired.  He can be a mighty big handful.  Brushing teeth and changing diapers is next to impossible.  Although obviously things that have to be done.  It's got to be a phase because it was the same thing with baths since birth and now I can't get him out of one.
(waking up on his birthday morning. First night in a big boy bed)
One big relief has been that Brody never tried to climb out of his crib!  It was a blessing, I tell you!  Never did he fall out, or learn to escape his "time out" spot.  That was until a couple weeks ago when I caught him learning how.  So I realized it was about darn time I switched his bed up.  The rate we were going, he was going to be in a crib till he was 16.  I finally got on the ball and let me tell you, for mothers who are nervous to switch to a bed, DO IT and DO IT NOW!  It was easy peasy... I expected him to be confused and refuse but nope!  He loves being able to climb in his own bed.  And so does my aching back. ha.
I threw a bday shindig for Brodster today and it was fu-uhh-unn.  I'll post about it soon.  I have never been so tired... I have been non-stop since 6:30AfrigginM.   I don't do 6:30am.  Which is why I've trained Brody to sleep till 8am...preferably nine.  Of all days, Brody.  Of. all. days.
I LOVE my two year old. You should get one too, I highly recommend them. (;
I can't believe it's been two years.  I can't wait to be back there!

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Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

Aww! Again congrats on the pregnancy!

I cannot believe how big Brody is getting. He is a doll.

Happy Birthday to the little man!

Mari said... Reply To This Comment

your family is THE CUTEST!!! That is honestly one of the most beautiful newborn picture I have ever seen! and wow you are a trooper because that little baby Brody looks BIG!

tHe ApPeLs said... Reply To This Comment

you look so good in your just had a baby pic!!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my goodness, I am so behind on the times! Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

holy cow that picture of Brody playing xbox 360 with me is my favorite of all time. he looks so crazy/awesome/adorable/studly!!

Sarah Ann said... Reply To This Comment

He is SO adorable :)
It's so exciting to be pregnant again...
I have the bug, but we're trying to wait... :)

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

What a cutie he is. My nephew just turned two a few months ago and got his own big boy bed. It's cute watching them climb into bed and cuddle up on their own. Two-year olds are geat. They are so much fun.

Jamie said... Reply To This Comment

Such a sweeet post! And Brody gets cuter with every picture! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!! ah! :)

Jamie said... Reply To This Comment

Oh yeah I forgot...


Miss Vintage Vixen said... Reply To This Comment

Awww! I am so glad you have this blog, it's such an amazing record to keep, because you are so blesssed to have such a great family!

Kayla said... Reply To This Comment

The new born pic of you guys in the hospital is beyond gorgeous. I hope you have it hanging somewhere.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Brody looks cute with the soccer ball, sippy cup and pajamas, climbing in bed, or playing XBOX 360! I love Tony's comments on his facial expressions. What a precious picture and 2 year old you have. Thanks for keeping us "there" even when we can't physically be there. Love, Grandma Nelson

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said... Reply To This Comment

i've been meaning to tell you congratulations! i am really so so happy for you. i know how bad you wanted to be pregnant again. it just makes is all the more special. hope you're feeling well.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I love the binky. Brody makes a binky so manly. I miss the little, I mean big guy...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

haha nice picture to finish with and congrats to ur brody (: it must be such a blessing to have such a great little family of ur own.. hopefully wen my day comes i will be as thankful as u r to the ones u love.. have a great day (:


Karm said... Reply To This Comment

WOW! W-O-W! that is awesome news! i love your pictures. Brody is turning 2! whooo hoo (: well keep everyone up to date on the pregnancy, I wish I had a blog during my pregnancies ): so at least I'll reminisce while reading yours hahaha

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Two is a blast! Brody's party was so much fun and very adorable. I'm hoping there are no pictures of me on your next post...please:)

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

Yay for sleeping in the big boy bed! 2 years old, how exciting! He's just too adorable.

Ben & Kim said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats Connie! We are probably due about the same time. So excited for you guys, what fun!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you guys for the congrats! :D

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I love my almost two year old too. That picture of you and baby Brody is precious. :)