Tuesday, March 9, 2010

self esteem

I heard something today: "We all have a destiny, people just have to find what they are good at and make something with it."

Those words got me thinking. I believe it. I hear all to often how people don't think they are "cut out" or "good enough." What kind of a life is that. Really, why don't more people believe in themselves!! (and by people I mean myself included) Have you seen this quote on my sidebar...

"as children of God we are somebody. he will build us, mold us, and magnify us if we will but hold our heads up, our arms out, and walk with him."

That says it all. We are children of deity... why then- even for a second- do we think that we are incapable of something great?

Although on the same token, it's easy to forget.  I was asked tonight (randomly) "Connie, do you have a good self-esteem?" A bit forward, maybe... it's something people rarely talk about in group settings because it's personal... the relationship you have with yourself. But I obliged: "yeah, sometimes." What is a self esteem? Does it mean you think you are uh-mazing and everyone should agree? Confidence? Or is that cocky? There's a fine line between the two. SO when people see your art work and say it looks great.. you say, "eh, it's alright." Are you just trying to be modest or do you really not think you are great? I think being modest too often about your abilities you may lose a little bit of them. For example, I love piano. Love. But pretty much my whole life I have diminished that talent till no one even knew it was a talent. It's a shame. And now I'm finding I don't believe in myself as much as I should. I feel like, well- since I'll never be like Beethoven I might as well give up. But when I really think about it, who even needs another Beethoven. The world needs what I can give it. What YOU can give it. Each individual person here is special, unique. You are you and no one else can do that job.
It's important to have a self-esteem. At least believe in yourself.. that you are worth it, and that you have potential. I hear girls bash on themselves.. a lot of times coming off like fishing for compliments. Or, like they are buoyed up by other people rather than able to stand on their own two feet and know they are special. That's a shame, too. Sure, there are things about myself that I'd change but rather than hate stuff, and expect other's to make me feel better, I've embraced myself. I did that. No one else can do that. I think once you embrace yourself, life is better. Easier. After all, Heavenly Father wanted you a certain way for a purpose. What good is moping when you can seize the moments you're given.
I've been able to spend lots of moments hugging and cuddling my son lately. He's been really sick and he's wanted lots of mommy time. Now that I have a kid, my perspective on life has changed. It's no longer my needs but I think about him. I think back to my childhood when my parents taught me every day that I could do and be anything. I understand where they are coming from because this little angel really is capable of doing anything. Imagine, then, how Heavenly Father feels about you- His son or daughter.  He loves us more than we can know- and wants us to love ourselves back.
Get better little Brody.. it's sad seeing you so sluggish.