Thursday, March 18, 2010

i heart giveaways

My sister is the queen of giveaways. She has a blog especially for those giveaway lovers out there who want to know about the latest and greatest free schtuff! If you love giveaways too her blog is the place to be.

And as if her blog wasn't cute enough, now she's going to be holding giveaways of her own! She's hosting one right now as a matter o' fact. I think you should all scurry over thur and heave her some love. And while you're at it you should enter the giveaway! (and i know I shouldn't start a sentence with "and" but I do what I want!) Anyways. SO click on over and heart giveaways along with the rest of us. Who doesn't love free stuff!


And more from me: So did you know I love American Idol? I long to be a singer... but, because I will never be, I love to watch. I'm not sure now who I'm rooting for. A couple of my favorites went home tonight and last week. I thought Lily and Lacey had such a cool tone. But it's OK because there's a lot of talent left to choose from. If there's one thing I am glad the judges have said less lately it's "there were a couple of pitch problems here and there..." Seriously after every performance. Quit it with the "pitch problems" and think of something new to say, I don't care if it's true!!!!! Phew. And what the- super awkward Ryan Seacrest... what's going on with him and Simon, did I miss something?? Other than that, I'm really liking T-dawg Urban hanging around because he makes for great T.V... since, I think he's the worst of them all (no offense Tim lovers). Oh, and after Lee's performance of "Fireflies" last week he killed it for me. As a huge Owl City fan, I was kind of Offended. Capitol O.

GO visit my sister's site!