Thursday, February 11, 2010

someone stop me...

I now understand the reasoning behind a mother bear tearing apart anything that comes to harm her cubs.  Heck, right now I understand why a mother bear would tear apart anything period.  But anyway...
I need a new doctor for Brody.  Someone, anyone.. suggestions are more than welcome and here's why:
The last several times we have taken B in for a check-up have been a complete nightmare.  He knows the place and he knows his doctors face.  When we pulled up today he was already asking to leave.. "go??".  Doesn't matter how many Sponge Bob stickers you give him, Brody is not happy there.  To say the very least.
I thought that was normal behavior for any child his age; so I ignored all the other factors that had me leaning towards a switch.  Against my better judgment, we stayed.  But I've let this go on long enough.
I couldn't be more like that mother bear right now.  The fact that a professional association would give my son 3 doses of the SAME shot (when he's only supposed to have 2) infuriates me.  Beyond infuriates me!  What kind of a moron doctor doesn't know how to read a shot record.  And who, oh by the way- gives a random shot to your kid when they aren't supposed to have it.  Even I know how to read a shot record and I'm not a registered or certified anything.
If anything happens to my son so help me..  mother. bear.  Things could get ugly.
On the bright side the Brodster is terrorizing the joint in his usual fashion so I don't think there is too much cause for alarm... but I don't need a third strike before we're out out of there... this is Mesa-city-league-softball people. (I learned that the hard way that you only get 2 strikes but that's another story). Peace out Dr. S---

ohh... I'll forgo the names and address.  They are lucky.. I know my local readers would make a special trip to introduce several dozen cartons of eggs to their front windows.  But let us dispense with the theatrics and be civilized.  Just walk away...maybe just one egg.
On the other bright side, Brody got his free meal.  Thursday is upon us... a week has gone by again?  Crazy.  Oh- and Brody's been mimicking me like a mad man today too.  My favorite was:
"UGHhhh.  Dang iT."
You said it Brody..that means I did first.  Maybe a good night sleep and my new concealer will give me a brighter tomorrow (not that today was horrible.. just a little stressed about my sons health, that's all really).  You have a brighter tomorrow too.

Just because...Why not (:

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Anne said... Reply To This Comment

That's awful connie! if its any consolation I hate my kids doctors too! good idea to blog about it.

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

Oh NO he di'int!!!!!

What an idiot! My daddy's a doctor - but Brody won't have to go to him unless he breaks anything *knocks on wood*


shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Um, that's not all the way safe. Actually could be pretty dangerous. I would be upset, too.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

I called after hours as soon as I looked at my shot record and the doctor on call assured me it wasn't going to be a problem. Still, it was absolutely outrageous. Something that could've been a lot worse. I'm just glad he's OK but yeah, I'll NEVER go back there.

Sara said... Reply To This Comment

Good for you keeping up on that. Makes me want to go check out my kids records! I just trusted that they knew what they were doing. How do you know how many is too many?

Marci Darling said... Reply To This Comment

You are totally entitled to leave that joint and spread nasty, nasty things about their might not. But you COULD. Just sayin'. We will still love you and stand behind you 100%.

Sounds like a rough day. Hope the lemonade made it better :)

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah Connie, I am going to email your undle, Dr. Ray and get his take on it. Love, Mother. P.S. Glad to see you have those mother bear tendencies! Brody's in good hands.

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

i'd be so mad. shots scare me so bad. not because of the needles (though i could do without those) but because of things that can come from them. ahhhh. you go, mother bear!

Dallin and Ashley said... Reply To This Comment

scary.... glad that Brody isn't showing any signs of something wrong. I bet those french fries made it all better, I know they would do that for me! gotta love chicfila fries! mmmm the BEST!

Brea said... Reply To This Comment

you go get them momma bear! Freak i would be so upset too!!! poor Brody! :(

Pia said... Reply To This Comment

What?? Wow, that sounds like quite an incompetent doctor! I would have completely freaked out. Good luck with finding a new doctor!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh man! Let the mother bear loose!!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE Dr. Chang at Palo Verde Pediatrics and so does Presley. LOVE him! They are on Val vista and Elliot. Look them up.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

That picture of you with the Valentine's lolli is so chic and beautiful! You go girl! Love, Mom

sylvia said... Reply To This Comment

What a nightmare! I actually had the opposite thing happen with Ella at her 2 year appointment where her doctor corrected the nurse who said she needed a shot that she already had. I thought at that moment what I would have done if he didn't catch that mistake, and I decided that I would have let all h*** let loose.

Kristen said... Reply To This Comment

As a mother with a daughter with Autism, I TOTALLY know where you're coming from! I lost my faith in doctors and still have a hard time trusting anyone in the medical field. Sounds like you're on top of things..way to be!!!