Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peach Yogurt

0129000854bSchool has been good to me.  I already like this semester better than last although I already have more homework.  It's all good.  So I was sitting in my astronomy lecture and I glanced down at my pen..
0127001819aI promise you, dear classmates, that I do not use "ointment" for anything.  I should probably replace all those pens I got working at Mesa Pediatrics with a Bic or something.  "Not to freak anyone out but I have a scorching case of herp- well, never mind." Yeah, not true.

Which reminds me that same class I've had several interesting encounters.  So the guy from Happy Gilmore(you know, the one with the nail in his head?) well, he's in my class.. or at least his doppelganger is.  He told me my "shirt looks pretty".  Thanks.  (or should I be saying thanks for making the next hour super awkward).  Since I've been married it's been interesting accepting compliments.  I don't want to be too nice or come off mean.  What to do...

And another one ..  So the teacher (same class btw) was lecturing and you must know he's kind of nerdy, cracks lame jokes... I totally identify with this guy.  And he said something both of us thought were funny and this girl next to me turns to look at me with wide eyes like, "can you believe this guy?  what a weirdo"  BUT she didn't say that..  so I kind of grin back and nod my head like, "I gottcha, I totally get what you're putting off"...

But apparently she thought it was ME putting something off because she turns back toward the teacher slllowly, grabs her shirt collar and covers her nose and mouth with that and her hand for the next few minutes.
WAIT!  What!?  It wasn't meeeeeee!
I wasn't smiling for that reason!  I don't smell anything!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!  But it was over and done and there was nothing more I could say but take the blame.  Dang it.
She thought I was smiling, somehow proud of my handiwork.  Not so.  *sigh.  (you  get my drift, right?  Well she did.  So she thought)
0125000737 I only eat peach yogurt.  It's strange... it's the only flavor I can really enjoy.  The rest I eat simply if there aren't any left of my kind, or because the label says there are "live and active cultures".  Gets me every time.  Gimme some cultures!  What can I say, it's the health junky in me.  ****someone pass me some laffy taffy with sprinkles!!  thx**

9-14-09 (48) So my pictures thus far are all from my camera phone because I sold my camera!  (the one I got this day)  It was kind of sad- it was like a child, really..  But I'm over it now because I'm upgrading!  Can't be sad about that.  It'll be a much more advanced one (still deciding which exactly.. if you have any suggestions I'm open).  But yeah, so that will be coming sometime this month!!  (Hooray for my budding business)
So long camera.  It was a good one!

Ok, remember how I had ya'll vote for your fav picture here?  I apologize I'm completely retarded but I left one off... and it happened to be a good one, I think.  So I ended up printing this one below and number 2 with some editing.  I have them both in the same frame and will switch them periodically as I feel like it.  Anyone else do that?  Well and anyway the votes were split pretty good so those were the ones!  Thanks for your votes btw (:
Oh and btw, I got a twitter..i succumbed.  Go be my friend!

I'll be back...

17 lovely comments:

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

you're gorgeous!!! i miss you. i love your mad editing skills. can't wait to you order your new camera. fun!! when shall we get together? xoxo

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

tht must of been emberasing to make her think u dd it (:


p.s. lovely blog

Marci Darling said... Reply To This Comment

Peach Yogurt rocks.

And I absolutely love that blue jacket you are wearing!!!!

Yay for the new camera!!

Staci said... Reply To This Comment

Oh i do love this picture also!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha. I love that she thought you were smiling because of your "handiwork"!! Hilarious! :)

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Can we please get together sometime with the blog girls? Lunch maybe? You are hysterical. we seriously need to be real life friends.

Christina said... Reply To This Comment

oh boy, I laughed out loud multiple times reading this, starting with the ointment pen.

I totally eat that same peach yogurt! Its my favorite kind/brand and 90% of the time I won't eat any other flavor. Its just so tasty.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I hope you got enough for that camera to make it worth your while. I would've loved that camera, since mine is broken, but o'well, ...just hope it went to a good home. You only got it in August so it was quite a new "puppy" Since I've had mine for 6 years, I can't relate to how easily you could be over that which you loved. Do tell! o' and peach yogurt is the bomb, but I did have key lime pie yogurt this morning. I try to have an assortment so life doesn't get boring and my taste buds wake up! Love, Mom

Justin and Stefanie said... Reply To This Comment

k i totally do the picture swapping thing. my husband thinks im crazy but obviously its a normal activity if more than one person does it right? im with you on this one sister...

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

As a matter of fact, yogurt contains Probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. They are a part of the human gastrointestinal system's natural flora. They use carbohydrates from the food you eat to create an acidic environment for those bad pathogens that give you diarrhea, bloating and yeast infections. So eat up!!! :)
I just did a presentation about them in class yesterday. Can you tell?

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

Peach yogurt is my FAVORITE!

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

strawberry kiwi yogurt rules!! As for the nail gun guy, i wish i had his shirt..."guns don't kill people, i kill people"

Austin and Ashtyn said... Reply To This Comment
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Austin and Ashtyn said... Reply To This Comment

I will take GOOD care of it!! Thanks so much!

Jacque said... Reply To This Comment

i just started school again with being married and it is so awkward! a guy asked me if i was "fixin to" get married and i told him i was already married for 2 years and he looked at me weird. it may be because i look like i'm a freshman (which isnt a bad thing) but now he doesnt even talk to me. so i feel you on weird school adventures. and i'm glad we are friends now too! :)

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

I like how you take pictures of your favorite yogurt going over 60mph. Am I the only one who caught that? Bad Connie! Bad bad bad!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

haha! Shaaddup! Yeah - so! lol

I always have to eat on the run. What? taking pictures while eating and driving? SOunds like a party to me! hahahahaha