Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have to be real with you.

Firstly...I'm getting pretty tired of "Making Memories". While, it's true- I do make memories each day, I was getting sick of the same old blog title. I changed it to something I thought I'd like better but Tony said he likes the other one. Ugh. What do you think, do you miss Making Memories? *Sigh.
I know everyone must think I sit around with a big smile on my face loving my perfect life- but I regret to inform you that, that is just not correct. In fact, if you've ever run into me you probably hated me right away thinking I was scowling at you. There's something wrong with my expressions or something because i get strangers telling me I need to smile- when in fact, I couldn't be happier. PET PEEVE.
I have several pet peeves.. I can't even BEGIN. Actually, I always tried to shy away from talking about them because 1. they change from year to year- heck, day to day.. and 2. I want my blog to be a positive outlet- not a venting channel. That's Tony's job. However, I just felt like addressing the masses today to explain that while things may appear fine and dandy- all perfect and lovely- that's just not so. And I don't really care... I mean, I knew going into this (life) that it would be full of tests and trials. Right? Well I believe that.
Recently things have been particularly hard. In fact, it was my hardest holiday season ever. When I needed people the most, they seemed to distance themselves. And when I needed more time, time was fleeting. I missed out on about 50% of our usual holiday traditions simply because there just wasn't enough time. (I'm still sad we didn't see the temple lights this year). I also have been really worried and stressed about my back. Every single day it hurts. Not HORRIBLY- but just a nagging pain. It's even worse when I walk around for longer than 30 minutes. There's more. Much, much more. Not that I'd ever divulge the most juicy gossip in my life. Who even knows who reads this thing. (I mean really) However, despite these traumatic occurrences around here I've still found time to smile and be grateful. And reading my own posts shows me that WOW- I can really find the bright side. Good for me.
But I guess that's not REALLY what this post is about. No. It's to ramble and complain because I never do and by golly I think I have the right. Although, at the same time I'm thinking "Connie, be positive! No one likes a Negative Nelly" (which my mom would call us kids growing up (when we were being negative of course) Anyway.
Do you know what I hate? And I hate saying hate cause hate is such a strong emotion... but it fits today so here goes. Something else I was thinking about as I was searching for a gift for Tony was how I was afraid to Google "Dicks Sporting Goods". What kind of world do we live in when that thought crosses my mind! Obviously it was a safe search but still. Goodness gracious.
AND ANOTHER THING. Brody has been sick with bronchitis or SOMETHING for a flipping month. Every night he coughs and coughs- all night long. The doctor has given him meds- even though really kids under 4 shouldn't take any. It's been rough because 1- I'm not getting sleep and 2- I can't bare to see him coughing all the time. Just stinks. I'm also tired of hearing "binky! binky!" All day long. How the heck and I going to wean Brody off that! I've tried the take-them-all-away, rip-it-off-like-a-band-aid method but I'm not strong enough I guess.
Last thing... a little more upbeat to send you not feeling so depressed...(which hopefully this post is more amusing than depressing)
what's the deal with this:
100105_drive_thru_dietI'm sorry but Taco Bell can't just waltz their way into the diet world and proclaim themselves to be healthy. I know firsthand that Taco Bell is the DEVIL! Or, Taco Hell as my dad would say. Pardon my French.
I had massive food poisoning from them back in the 90's and gave them up for a good decade before a cute guy took me there on a date at BYU (now that I think about it, what a cheapskate). I was hesitant but it was delish! I decided chalupas were just too good to live without. Now, while I may still enjoy some Taco Bell on occasion (ok hardly ever), it's in no way going to be friendly to my waistline. Or yours. Take it from me- because literally, I'm 27 lbs lighter than I was at one point in my life and I didn't do it with Taco Bell. (Or Subway, while we're at it.... I worked at two Subways for a semester during college, I know what I'm talking about) :p
And girls this one's for you (Tony labeled it a "chick place" so) Ever been to Paradise Bakery? NO? I've been once and it was like 2 years ago. You'd think it would be all healthy- their soups and salads- and sandwiches which are pretty much all there is there. I'll tell you one thing, it tastes good for a reason- and that's because it's bad for you. Loaded with fat and sodium like you wouldn't believe. Take the "Paradise Club Sandwich". In that one tiny sandwich you get 70% of your Saturated Fat for the day and 107% of your Sodium. Outrageous.
I'm not even going to go on about the cookies.

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Miss Priss Morgan said... Reply To This Comment

Cute!!! Change is always good. Do you design your stuff by yourself?

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

Well, I LOVE this title- and if it makes you happy, you should keep it! I couldn't help reading about Brody's pacifier problem.. something that my aunt did to wean my cousins was to cut off the nipple, and then give it to her. She never asked for it again! I don't know if it'll work like that for Brody, but I wish you the best of luck!

Marci Darling said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE the new name :)

and a rant is good for the soul every once in a while...I like your feisty side :)

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

i LOVE your new blog name. it's so cute!

and i love that you rant sometimes. it's good for you. and interesting to read.

and you just made me feel guilty for eating Paradise on Tuesday night (i think it was Tuesday...) But, it makes me feel better that I do know that it's not healthy. I've never believed that it was. least I know that I'm eating bad!

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

Love the new blog name and i'm sorry you feel so crappy and that little Brody does as well! If I were in Arizona, I would so come give you a hug!

Melanie's Randomness said... Reply To This Comment

I like this one. =) Thank you that someone has finally addressed this whole Drive thru diet. So ONE girl lost weight...and I think only ONE girl will. hehe. Aww I really hope Brady gets better. If you can I'd say try a new doctor. =)

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I remember the whole fam (besides me) getting sick off T.H. thank goodness I didn't go. :)
I liked your stance on them- (go for a boy) but personally del taco is better!
I liked Making Memories because that's the title you started your blog with but I don't read your blog for the title. I love you sissy and I think I'm a good place to start if you ever need to rant, I can take it :)

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

I am responding to your comment on my blog...SHUT UP ABOUT CAN'T HARDLY WAIT! That's where I got the name Preston from! Still one of my favs but Ethen Embry was and still is sooo hot! 1998 was the best year of my life simply for that movie!!! I always swore if I had a boy, I would name him that and I did! SOOOO FUNNY!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

You are so awesome Jamie- I love it! And I agree!!

Actually Anne- for like 6 months when I started it was "the B Family" and then "Our little Family" for a year then "Making Memories". Making Memories had the smallest run out of them all!

Morgan, yes I designed the site!

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

I sooo know what part you are talking about! I actually watched that movie recently too! And that song at the end *no clue who sings it* where he runs and jumps over the suit case and kisses her, well lets just say I get alittle teary eyed every time and close my eyes and totally wish it were me! Oh...and how about the good ole..."Dr. Cullen?!" You know what i'm talking about! hehe!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

AHHH!! ME too! My absolute favorite part! I love her hair in that scene and I always wanted a kiss like that (;

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

I think the cookie looks delicious. And I like this new blog title better.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Since it's about your life with Him and Brody, it fits. I did also like your old blog title. I really like everything you do---you are loved very much by me, so no worries. I do worry about your back though. I'll email Uncle Ray about that. Just email me all the particulars so I can pass it on. I love you! Love, Mom p.s. I still eat the occasional Chalupa and taco pizza from Taco Bell. I am not as adimat about giving up a place forever as Dad is! Love, Mom

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

If it were me, however, I would not ever call Brody a Monster. To me, he's a wonderfully polite, loving grandchild---Angel fits him on this side of life! Love, Mom

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

0' and superb athlete! That kid has it going on when it comes to throwing a ball and such! Love, Grandma Nelson

Staci said... Reply To This Comment

I think it's a really cute namw and it's different. Well I'm hoping it's different (it would be odd to find it on some one elses blog). Any ways I say rant away; it shows we are all humans, like you said this is a life of testing and trials. BTW, I am so grossed out about the Taco Hell diet drive thru! I have been on a diet since Sept. and I really don't think my Dr. would approve this diet! Oh well whatever floats your boat I guess. I hope Brody gets better,when kids are miserable mothers are too.

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

You are great, and a hot mom! {just thought I'd throw that out there}

And you are allowed to complain on your blog. A lady in my ward told me she's all about the "fake happiness" on her blog. I'm totally serious. I couldn't believe she would like openly admit that she just fakes it all the time. Everyone knows life isn't perfect and faking it sometimes helps, but yeah, lets be real people...not every second of every day is fabulous.

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Fast food = not likely to be healthy from anywhere.
My mom kept all her kids healthy feeling and looking with her crazy health nut ways until they moved out and adopted their own ideas about diet and grew bellies. (I mean, not all, but those that did.)

And, my sister weaned her kids off binkis by cutting off a little sliver of one at the tip of the nipple and hiding all the others. When the kid tries to suck on it it doesn't work and she explains that oh no it's broken. Whenever they would ask for it she'd remind them it was broken. I think it worked pretty fast.

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

Did the Dr. check for asthma? Sometimes that kind of stuff is hereditary. Do you have a humidifier or vaporizer? If not buy a cool air humidifier and put it close to his bed at night to see if that works.

Medicine works if it is not misused. Since Brody is not overusing meds the Dr. just needs to find the right one-and the right problem. One of your friends suggested a new Dr. That may be what you need is a different opinion.

Binkies--potty training--when he drops the binkie in the toilet tell him there is only one more left and if he drops it in the toilet there are no more. (hee hee--That's how I got rid of Austin's)

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

I love the new name. I have been thinking alot lately of a new name for my blog. The Haynes Family if oh so boring. I just haven't been able to come up with one that I love. It'll come...I guess.

It's refreshing to hear that people aren't perfect. I never take honesty as a negativity. Continue with these kind of posts, I enjoy them.

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

connie dearest,
i LOVE your new blog name. keep it forever. well you may need to keep adding to "and a little monster part" btw is it just a dry cough? does it keep him awake? seriously let me know. ummmm i am a little disturbed to know that about paradise. not what i had in mind. ahh well. I also agree, this year whenever i really needed someone i felt all alone. i think it made me stronger tho. i heart you! let's play!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

i hope things have gotten better. more sleep especially.

amy said... Reply To This Comment

I love love love the new name change! So cute!!