Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun never sleeps

So the last full day of our trip we decided to get out and see more stuff. Everyone else in my family has gone to Mt. Vernon or been inside the Masonic Temple there- but I've never done either. So that's what we did. Here are some pictures of the day...


This was an LDS church nearby. It was gorgeous there- it over looked the river. (I have the most adorable mother)


I'm obsessed with holly berries this time of year (well, that time of year).. I think that makes the 3rd pic of the season to make it on this blog (; My mom was super sweet- she let me wear her gloves since I forgot mine and with the wind chill it was 15 degrees out!! Thanks Mom!


Did I mention it was freezing and miserable? It was SO WINDYIMG_1116IMG_1152IMG_1119IMG_1124copyIMG_1134IMG_1169

Mt. Vernon was really neat (then again, I get into that kind of stuff). I'd recommend it- there's really so much to do there.


Some old guy walking by us said, "Have to take a picture in front of the ho house eh?" lol awesome old man. Yes. Why, yes we do. I'd recommend this place too. It's the freakin' bombest Chinese food around (I sound so incredibly educated on this blog, I know.)

And the next day we left...


Some of you promised to pray for me about my travels- and I'm happy to report Brody was a sweet angel on the plane! Really! It was only hard for like 30 minutes out of our first 5 hours there, and on the way back he was even better!


December 30. 9am..

Waking up for our family Christmas- exhausted from the trip but couldn't wait to find out my spoils.

9:02 time to plug in the Christmas lights

9:02:12 Tree comes crashing down.

Luckily only a few bulbs fell off but leave it to me to ruin Christmas. ha ha! We put it back up though before Brody came out (I know he'd be traumatized). Don't look at the star..


When Brody saw this rubix cube in his stocking he said, "YAY!" ha ha! His favorite was his Handy Manny. LOVES that guy.


That trip was so needed. And so fun. So was our little family Christmas (:



13 lovely comments:

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE IT! I have totally been to Mount Vernon- except when I went, there were a trillion billion people because it was the summer and tourists flock there. :D I'm loving the pictures of beautiful you and adorable Brody! And your mom is so cute! :D

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

WOW; that church building is gorgeous. i love traveling and i love it 87 times more when ihave my baby (camera).


{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

Sweet trip! Love all the pics as usual...yes your mom is Presh..and I ADORE THE PICS OF BRODY!!! He is sooo cute..that last one especially! :)

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I am glad to see so many pictures make the cut to your blog! It was an awesome day. You haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all that is Mt. Vernon. If life affords the opportunity, we'll do it again! As for Ho's ---that's appropriate for Christmas time, isn't it---Ho, Ho, Ho is what Santa says anyway! Brody looks so sad to be leaving Virginia (picture with his head in your lap) but sooooo happy for his Christmas with you two in Mesa! These pictures are awesome. What a smile! It's cute that he loves Handy Manny! Love, Mother
P.S. Your awesome!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

i love that you take a lot of pictures. and i love that you post them on the blog. it makes me happy. andddddd...i want to travel now and go somewhere fun!

Lecia said... Reply To This Comment

I don't know where I've been, but I got on your blog today and realized I'd missed like three posts. Either you've been a blogging manian lately, or I've been missing in action. Glad your trip was so awesome!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Britney- you are my kind of people! I take tons but I love it (:
Lecia...the first one. I've been a blogging maniac, yes.

♥ you friends!

Krysten Hartenstein said... Reply To This Comment

Love it. It looks like you had so much fun despite the cold.

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Im cold just looking at those pictures! Burrr. Brody is too cute. Have you tried the Vicks baby rub trick yet for his coughing? Put it on a night on brodys feet and cover them with socks. It totally works.

Sarah and Trent said... Reply To This Comment

When we lived in VA that was our church building!! I absolutely loved it and we have a similar picture out in front of it!

Glad you had a good trip...makes me want to go back! :)

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

i love me some Ho's! seriously, it was delicious

Austin and Ashtyn said... Reply To This Comment

Your trip looked so fun! Mt Vernon looks gorgeous! I LOVE the old colonial stuff.

Andhari said... Reply To This Comment

I love the pictures :D you're really good with the camera and those looklike a fabulous trip :)