Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life's little lovelies

Lately I've been thinking how lovely life is. Even though finals are looming and I'm stretched to memorize some piano songs- perform- projects- pictures-edit- change diapers- make meals- laundry- shower............ I am enjoying each day.


lovely thing #1: Setting up for Christmas

I love our tradition of going out the Monday after Thanksgiving for family night and getting a tree & ordering pizza.  We used to go to those overpriced-but-cute tree farms but we were sold on Home Depot last year.. and this year that's where we went!  However, I had one wish and it was to get a Noble Fir instead of a Douglas Fir.  We've always gotten a Douglas- just because they are like half the price.  But they weren't very much more and I got the kind I love- and it smells soooooooo strong unlike our trees the last 3 Christmases which didn't smell at all.


Actually "setting" up the tree is Tony and my most dreaded part.  Not, the lights and ornaments but putting it in the tree stand.  Only took us an hour this year (because I knocked it over. Yessss)


That's Tony's favorite ornament.  Little 8 year old me head on a wood angel.  Cracks us both up.

And here is Brody's one contribution:


Don't you know?  Pretzels are the new popcorn. (I'm still finding some, actually)

And that's enough of that...


lovely thing #2:  free bahama bucks snow cone!

I love freeeeee and I love bahama bucks.


lovely thing #3:  near death experience. 

I exaggerate.  In case you haven't noticed or are new around these parts.  However, I did almost faint.  To my death (see?-exaggeration) But body crapped out on me.  On TuesdayAt the temple.  We were with a group of old peeps, all about 80ish years old and they were the ones turning to ME asking ME if I needed to go sit down.  Sad day.  But funny, sort of.

But it was lovely- I was with my husband in the very room that we were married in!  Squeeeee!


lovely thing #4:  Finally owning one of my favorite Christmas movies! Elf!

11-27-09 (6)

And the best part was I got it for 3 bones at target on black Friday!  Now all I have to do is convince Tony to watch it with me.  If it were up to me, I'd watch a Christmas movie every night in December until Christmas.. or maybe Valentine's day..


lovely thing #5:  People asking me to take their pictures!

I love taking pictures.. and I've been privileged lately to take some for friends and strangers and it's been an absolute ball.  Run over to my photo blog to see how things are coming along...  there will be more where that came from... and if you want or need any family pictures I'm your girl!  (starting next year though) (:


lovely thing #6: a new niece

My sister birthed her first girl after having 2 boys.  I still haven't met her.. but I'm very excited for my sister (even though she has all 3 kids b-days and her anniversary all in one month.  Yikes.)  Congrats Anne!


lovely thing #7: Overly sensitive smoke alarms. 

I literally just stuck some chicken strips in the oven and off goes the alarm.  Brody happened to be napping at the time but he slept right through it!  (Don't understand how.)  But it was great that he stayed asleep... because mom's know how imperative that nap break is.


lovely thing #8:  Something other than sports.

Brody is obsessed with sports- he watches and cheers right along with Tony.  But he also appreciates the finer things in life like music and art.  That's my boy... although, don't get me wrong I love sports.


lovely thing #9: Laying off the flat iron.

I was able to produce this:

2130 with nothing but a blow dryer.  I feel so accomplished not having fried my hair for once with my flat iron on top of the blow dryer.

Lovely thing #10:  Lush green grass


For Brody to romp and play!  My little soccer playa.. like his mommy.  Now if only it would be mowed *couTONYgh*

















Have a lovely day everyone.  Over and Out.

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Loys said... Reply To This Comment

Your Christmas tree looks so pretty! It's such a nice tradition to put it up that early. In Germany, you put it up on the 24th, in my eyes that is way too late!

And Elf is definitely the best Christmas movie ever made! It cracks me up every time. Unfortunately, not everybody around me thinks it's that funny. So I always have to watch it alone.

Nat said... Reply To This Comment

Um hi how can you get a free bahama bucks? I am so totally there.....although sometimes their ice tastes a bit like salt. However with enough juice they are delicious and I love them.

Again your beautiful hair is makin gme jealous...It is beautiful!

I purchased my favorite White Christmas and can't wait to watch it. Jack gave me a sour face.

I need a Christmas tree. Sad.

amanda leeann said... Reply To This Comment

i love elf! and your tree is beautiful =]

but your hair...i LOVE your hair

Busy Bee Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I got Elf too for the 3 bones! Amazing.

Love your pretty hairs!

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Oh gee you've made me crave pretzels.

What's Brody's artwork going for nowadays? I wonder if I could afford one by Christmas for Mike.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I hope you have a lovely day too! Mark has to get shots today so my day might suck. But oh well.. tis life!

Love your Home Depot tree!

Katie said... Reply To This Comment

Why don't I own Elf?! You just reminded me that I don't and I need to remedy this issue.

Your hair is beautiful! What's the secret?

Your blog always makes me smile, Connie. :)

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

Connie...I heart you something fierce girl!

First, Brody is ADORABLE! I love his pretzel addition to your tree!

Your hair looks beautiful in that picture!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I loved the little ornament with my little girl's face on it. Talk about the good old days...

I found a video of my Connie playing the piano when she was about eight years old. Wow, really neat stuff. Those of you out there who did not know Connie then do not know what you missed! She was the sweetest daddy's girl on the planet!

{megs in wonderland} said... Reply To This Comment

you have pretty hurrr.
and i love your lovely life:)

Mike said... Reply To This Comment

miss you sis. I cant wait to see you at Christmas!

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

I love your hair with some curl in it! I so wish I could pull of long beautiful hair. Maybe some day.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

This is a truly
sweet post (sweet copyright stolen unashamedly from Brody Michael Balluff (last post). I loved everything about this post and I love the pretzel decorations. You could market them! Seriously, that is some neat artwork. I hope Brody gives me a Brody original suitable for framing when he comes for Christmas (hint, hint)! Love, Mother

Brittney said... Reply To This Comment

LOL I selected my first Noble fir last year.. for some reason I loved the fatness of the Douglas and then wanted a change -- and I agree. I don't think I can go back!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

ummm...connie, please tell me HOW you got your hair to look that gorgeous WITHOUT the use of a flat iron or curling iron. seriously. i'm jealous. your hair = so pretty.

and elf is the BEST christmas movie EVER made. i love christmas movies too. Like you, i would watch one every night if I had the time. I just bought a bunch. and...we tape like every one one tv. including the lifetime/hallmark ones. Yes, they are cheesy. but that makes them all the better! (i love ABC family and there 25 days of christmas. except, in case they didn't notice, happy feet, harry potter, and pixar short films are NOT christmas movies. did they not notice? i must inform them.)

SJ said... Reply To This Comment

1. Brody is so adorable, as usual.
2. Pretzels on the Christmas tree?! hahahha
3. Your house looks wonderful.
4. Your hair looks wonderful.
5. Good luck on your finals!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments (: Natalie- that was just one day this week that they were giving out a free one! I should've facebooked about it or something!

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

I always say this... but Brody is hilarious and adorable. Your hair looks AMAZING- and you didn't fry it! I'm proud. :D

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

So much loveliness here! It made me happy! :)

I love your little angel ornament! :D

Leesie said... Reply To This Comment

Your blog, your family and your christmas are adorable! So glad I found your site.

Kiley said... Reply To This Comment

such adorable pictures!

i could watch elf every stinkin' day. that movie really puts me in the holiday spirit.

love your blog. :)

Kelsie said... Reply To This Comment

Connie! i just saw the comment you left me!! thank you!! your so sweet. i love your blog! and im so glad that we are in the same ward.. but yes sadly i teach the 7 yr olds so no more RS for me :( but love your blog and your photo blog!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

tree looks great and I love the pretzels:)