Monday, November 9, 2009

Your turn...

I want to hear from my new readers!  (Yes this includes non-follower lurker friends!  Come out, I say!  Tell me something.. anything.  Maybe something we have in common??  You know, whatev. 


So here's what I did as of late:

ate sour patch kids for dinner

ate sour patch kids for breakfast

teared up during "Love Happens" (obvious reasons)

teared up during a piano recital and mentally told myself to get a grip(reasons unknown.. the tears, part.)

Pulled a splinter from my left thumb

pulled a 2 day old splinter out of my heel (I'm pretty much a surgeon now)

sat and pondered why I have had several splinters lately

Finally bought a box of "puffs with lotion" so being sick would be bearable (ps I'm better)

got fined for having weeds in the front yard

Went to pull the weeds in the front yard and got locked out by Brody

Broke into my house to rescue Brody from cartoon overload

Drank 2 1/2 bottles of water in a single day (someday I will reach my goal of 6)


I believe that pretty much sums it up.  The important things anyway.  Might I leave you with this...

{more} Must-haves:

Key ring "bracelet".  I love that I can wear it while I'm strapping Brody in his car seat or running into the store real quick.  Once you get something like this on your key ring you will be a CHANGED WOMAN!  Truly.  (Or.. man, sorry.  Wouldn't want my one guy reader to feel left out)  Anyway, no longer am I mining for keys in my bottomless pit of a purse.  Besides, it's practically an accessory; mom jewelry, if you will.  Get one, that is if you're awesome (which all my readers are, duh).

058(btw, thanks for pausing during your football to take this picture for me, honey bunch) 

This conditioner treatment is the best I've ever used.  It's great!  Lots of conditioners have protein in them to "strengthen your hair"... but too much protein will make your hair snap.  This stuff "Joico K-Pak" is a moisturizer for your hair- so it will NEVER dry it out!  I heart it.

joico_k_pak_hydrating_treatment_250 Here's a lame one... I also can't live without an eye mask.  Is anyone else like this?  I leave it by my bed and put it on in the morning once the sun comes up.  I need darkness or I don't sleep.  Just can't.


ps. waves HI to followers!  *HI followers*

27 lovely comments:

KatOfDiamonds said... Reply To This Comment

I just made my first Etsy purchase... yeah!

I am so excited! =D

That's really all I can think about, haha.

Nat said... Reply To This Comment

I love sourpatch. I am thinking about making and selling aprons. I love the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, but hate that it is so hot down here.

Yay for mom staples!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I have never had a sour patch in my life. Can you believe that?!

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

So have you tried the Bumble and bumble treatments? They're a million bucks and I don't end up getting them till desperate because of it, but it's so amazing the healthy difference it makes on my hair.

Also, would you like these?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

well...while you are eating sour patch kids, i am hooked on the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels from TJs...i usually have to tell is only more hour for before chocolate time :)...

ps: some of my must haves are : burts bees lip balm, benefit's Bad Girl Plum mascara and purity facewash...thats all I can think of for now...

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

I have been married 5 years and still haven't changed my last name.
Are you calling me lazy??

loves ya ccccc!!!

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

You are hilar! I think I tell you that everytime I comment.

I also must have darkness when sleeping...I have a black-out shade and everything.

I also must have my fan matter how stinking cold it is. I need the noise!

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

I am the exact same about a sleeping mask!! I feel so naked when I have to sleep without it..and I even cuddle with my stuffed animals still haha!! Some things you just never grow out of :)

Im like Alex also! My fan is ALWAYS on! For me to sleep I have to have circulating air, sleep mask, my stuffed animal(s), and complete silence hahaha..oh man..

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Sour patch kids used to be my favorite candy. Not so much anymore but I still enjoy a bag from time to time.

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

oh and my must have is an under eye concealer that is from one of those counters in like macy's ( I believe the brand is benefit??) and it is named Boi-Ing! It comes in three different shades is AMMMAAZZING and is only around $14 for such an awesome concealer! You can never, never, never see my under eye circles anymore! Can you tell I am a wee bit obsessed over it?>

Staci said... Reply To This Comment

I love sour patch kids, and the commercials for them are too cute!

SJ said... Reply To This Comment

You just have the cutest blog!

That key ring bracelet-- How innovative! Why didn't I think of that?

Shelby Lou said... Reply To This Comment

how did you get 2 splinters within three or so days? i haven't had a splinter in like... months. Do you work with wood? haha


I like to read your blog. It makes me happy when it pops up in my google reader. :D

Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Love sour patch kids at the movies...and not at the movies. I also do not drink enough dad says it's why I get so many headaches. But I just don't like the taste.

Lauren Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

love happens had me sobbing. i had no idea when i went into the theatre that this would be a sad movie!

sour patch kids = best thing ever.

i need a sleeping mask so bad...
roomie likes to keep the light on!

Annie said... Reply To This Comment

i ate some sour patch kiddos last night ;)
i love water, i drink LOTS of it...esp at work.
its dumb you got fined for having weeds! jeez!
love your blog girly! XO :)

SloneFamily said... Reply To This Comment

My Mouth is hurting even thinking about eating that many sour patch kids. Don't you get Canker Soars???

I Definitely need me a Mom Key Bracelet, like ASAP!!

Don't really have anything cool to tell you besided that I am thrilled I didn't go over budget on my groceries today! Yesssss :)

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

Puffs with lotion is the best. Nothin else compares.

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

ps - I appreciate you not discriminating against me in your posts.

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

Hey! I LOVE sour patch kids.. and I have splinters all the time.. and I laugh at the puff lotion tissues (I'm glad they work)., and play piano! :D

PS- LOVE the key ring bracelet.

Brett and Emily said... Reply To This Comment

highly recommend spending the extra buck to get the soft tissues!! so worth it! love your blog! hope the boutique went well for you!! stop by our on saturday!

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

ok..such a cute idea...i'm writing mine now.

{megs in wonderland} said... Reply To This Comment

i watched breakfast at tiffanys every single night before i fell asleep, from january-june of 2008. in case you was wonderinnnn

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I love this blog. I love your Mom bracelet and I think it's wild that you had to break into your house (sound familiar to when you were a kid)? Made me feel good that you saved Brody from cartoon overload! I too love a good eye mask, but I can't find mine at the time. One thing I can't do without is a decent night's sleep---it's a brain functioning thing. Well, I love you! Love, Mother

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

sour patch kids are the best!!! I love the key ring. I have something similar. It make life a lot easier although presley always wants to hold it.

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

I think you should make sure to get your water in. You don't want to get kidney stones! BTW--I think there is only one Balluff who hasn't had them yet. :)

heidi lou said... Reply To This Comment

I can't live without my eye mask either! but it's more like I can't fall asleep without it, and when I wake up it's around my neck. I can't fall asleep with my neighbors freaking spot light shining into my room. you are too cute!