Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did you know...

...I was deathly sick on Sunday and Monday?  Tony nursed me back to health with this:

11-2-09 (4)

Chicken soup really is good for you when you are sick.

...On Tuesday morning when I awoke, I sat up, and proclaimed "I'M HEALED!"  (I literally did that.. including raising both my arms in the air with exuberance).  I really felt 99% better than the past two days.  Because of that I was able to shoot this

078 (2)copy (and about 150 more).  My first "newborn photo shoot".  Stay tuned to see some edited favorites.  Milagro!

...if you have a child who smears food in every nook and cranny on their high chair here's my trick...

11-3-09 (2)11-3-09 (5)

- lotta bit of hose water and let it dry in the shade.  Good as new!  (Seriously gets it so clean)  Maybe I'll try it on Brody next time.

11-3-09 (7)

I Elle-Oh-Vee-Eee apples this time of year!!!!!  I bring apple slices to school with me whenever I can. 

Did you know to keep them from browning you just squirt a little lemon juice on them?  I actually squirt a lot because it adds a yummy little kick.  Mmmm.


...after 8 months with blond in my hair I went back dark.  You'd think after having the same dark hair color for over 23 years I'd be used to seeing myself but so far I hate it. bahahaha!  That's what I get for doing it myself.


...if you let your toddler roam the house with a box of cheese-it's be prepared to find them crushed up in his pockets.  Tony found them when he changed his diaper.  Nice.


... I only have one thanksgiving decoration.  It's not that I dislike the holiday- but I need good ideas.  Anyone?

11-1-09 (14)

...Brody is inventive

11-1-09 (6)11-1-09 (7)


Brody is doing body art now.  If you are interested maybe a little ankle tat let me know and we can work out a play date.

11-1-09 (31)11-1-09 (12)

Today I feel sick again.  Weird.

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Tony was way sweet to give you chicken soup to get better by! He's a doll! That photo shoot is sure to look great by the sneak peak of that one picture! Apple's? You and I both love our apples. The big difference is that I take them to work whole, though cut up with lemon juice would also be yummy! I love your hair, trust me in days, the color will wash out lighter! The cheese-its in the diaper is too hilarious---maybe he was saving some for later!!! I love your Thanksgiving decoration. It is simple, but sometimes simple is best. It works the best with the runner you have. Brody's body art is at least an original! People pay good money for originals! Love you and love the post! Love, Mother

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, how can I top a comment like the one above me!? :D Your chicken soup looks AMAZING. I wish I had some right now, and in that adorable bowl. I CAN'T WAIT to see the newborn pics- I just Love babies.. not in a creepy way, but I help out in a nursery and all that wonderfulness. And I def need to schedule a tat appointment with Brody.. and maybe he can smear some apple sauce on my hair, too. dude. win win situation! :D

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

I pretty much love all of your blog posts really and this one I loved just the same! You are always so creative! I hope you start feeling better again...Sucks when you feel better and then relapse!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

LOL Allison it's a date :p
MOM- NO the cheese-its were in his pockets! Who knew B knew he had pockets? That was the best part.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Jamie!! ♥

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

Oooh you've been sick...that must be why you *Cou-Donatello-ghed* all over my blog! are too funny! Oh and get better soon!

I take apples to class like every single day..I will for sure be trying the lemon juice trick.

Man..I bet Brody is bummed that you found his stash. He was totally saving those crumbs for a snack later. He is the cutest!

SloneFamily said... Reply To This Comment

Ohhhh, so sorry you have been sick and I think I was totally bugging you one of those nights too. So Sorry! Keep taking it easy and you should come to again.

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

A few things...
First, I love the comment about the ankle tat!
Second, it's true-The yummy chicken goodness helps you get better faster.
Third, I just noticed you have the same President Hinckley quote on your blog as I do!
Fourth, I'm glad to see (read) that you survived your sickness. Was it the swine flu?

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

I'm sorry you were sick. Thank goodness for sweet hubbies you can open a can of soup, right?

I'm excited to see the rest of the newborn pics. The first one looks incredible!

For fall decor (not that I'm decorating our tiny 20x20 room or anything) but I always just loved pumpkins, squash and leaves. Exactly what you have on your table, just everywhere!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

ahh get bettter so we can go eat shuugar somewhere.

speaking of which..when/where are we going to go on playdate numero dos?!

ohh and i could go for a sweet ankle tat.

PS love the dark hair :D

Nat said... Reply To This Comment

I can't wait to see the rest of the photo shoot.

your boy is the cutest ever.

i can't wait to see more pictures with your hair dark. i love all dark hair. it's my fav.

Katie said... Reply To This Comment

You and your posts are kind of my favorite. But why don't you like your hair? I think it looks amazing! But...I am sort of biased towards dark brown hair (for obvious reasons).

I can't wait to see the photos from the newborn shoot...that little one looks precious.

(Keep) feel(ing) better!

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Apples make me sick. I can't eat more than half of one without getting nauseaus. Wierd, huh?

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

and is Brody drinking out of the rat bowl?

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Don't get sick again! You have to come tonight :)

I like your hair both are always pretty :)

I can't wait to see the newborn pics!

The Daughter said... Reply To This Comment

My mom totally used to hose down our high chairs.

Crazy mommas.

btw. Love the brown.

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry, you have been sick!!

Oh my, that is the cutest newborn baby EVER!! Adorable!

I love love love your Thanksgiving decorations! So cute!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

~~**YEAH.. FOR Getting Better. It's not fun being sick =( I too want to find some cute Thanksgiving decorations to either Buy or Make... How about Buy. I'm not very creative =( I love the Thanksgiving Blocks tho. Did you make 'em??! Cute Tats Brody =)**~~

Just Jil said... Reply To This Comment

I do have a decorating tip...super easy super cute, just like your Thankful blocks. Wish I could take a pic of mine to show you...but i'll try to explain it...I have an entry way table with a mirror over it, and on the table I have a few random picture frame, a hurricane candle holder, etc...and for fall I added some ceramic pillar candle holders and instead of candles I put gourds and a pumpkin on top..then filled in around the bottom of the candle holders, you know on the table, with mini gourds and pumpkins. explanation doesn't do it justice...but hope it gave you an idea..happy fall!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Jil for the decor tip! And Shirley- yes that is the rat bowl haha. (a toy rat for anyone who is wondering)...ratatouille... or however it's spelled.
NO swine flu here! Thankgoodness
Natalie- let's hang out pronto.

Inquiring Camera Girl said... Reply To This Comment

I love reading your blog!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I really enjoyed the pictures of little Brody. You really capture his attitude well. I really don't need a caption to know what he is thinking. I can just imagine him saying to himself about the cheezits, "Oh, so that's where they went!"

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, your hair was always so beautiful. Please don't change it anymore...

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Those cheeze-its were in his pockets? Very, very smart of Brody for hiding a stash for a snack-attack! He's got it going on upstairs, but then he does take after his Grandpa Jed!---Love, Mom

Melly Mel said... Reply To This Comment

hahaha you would be so much fun to go on a play date with. our kids would write on each other the whole time. i love your blog. it makes me smile everytime.

Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Oh man, those pictures of him in his high chair SMEARING makes me remember those years I was loath to have children...good thing I'm over that :)

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

I love how in any picture with the TV on in the background, I can see that it was football playing.

Good for Tony.