Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo Lighting Project helpers

When I was in 6th grade I won "around the world" (do you remember that game?)  Anyway, and some kid..."Vince".. wrote "Connie is the Wiener" on the whiteboard and it made me cry.  I thought winning was supposed to feel good.



Let's get to the winners shall we...I randomly selected

The Slone Family

to help me for my school project!  Yay!

But I couldn't stop at one... really, if it were up to me I'd have a photo shoot with you all.  Seriously.  So...

Emily and Brett

You were drawn too!  Email me ccconnieee at gmail dot com.  To set up a date sometime very soon!  Thanks everyone for volunteering!

NOW!  For those who signed up to volunteer but didn't get drawn, I'm offering you 50% off a portrait session, since I'd like to show you my gratitude somehow.  (A normal session is $50 but for my volunteers it would be half that- yeah!)  I'd really like the opportunity to take your family pictures- Let me know if you are interested!  Thanks again everyone!

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

How do I sign up! You're the best photographess there is! Take my picture again, pleeaasse!!! Love, Mother

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

Too bad We live too far from each other. I am wanting a great winter pic of my husband and I.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

bahaha. Duh, my mom is my biggest fan. Well, thanks mom...

{megs in wonderland} said... Reply To This Comment

CONNIE! Let's be cyber blogger bffs, ok? Cause I think I love you, and I will play my little heart out next week (on my CELLOOO). Ps I sing and play the piano too!... but I don't dance. In caase you was wonderin.

xoxo megs

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Love your logo! YAY! :) said... Reply To This Comment

Don't forget to tell Anne about the family photo shoot. In fact, Can you do it when Mike is with us? Love, Mother