Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nothing Life-altering

I literally wrote "kill me now" on my homework for my AP (aural perception) class.  Along with "WTF" and  "this crap is really hard".  My teacher is pretty down with the kids so he can take it.  Besides, he needs to know. 

Just in case anyone is thinking if my life is all peaces and cream, I want to just say- you've been misinformed.  Sure, things have not been the worst I've ever had but lately I've had pounding headaches that turn into canker sores, and relentless bags under my eyes.  Stressed?  Perhaps. 

Sure, I said "I'm totally loving school right now weee!"  But that was two weeks ago.  THIS and last week has, for some reason, been one of these...


Don't judge.

I don't have a whole list of ironic misfortunes to explain to you- for the most part I try to put them in the past, man.  But I do recall one...

Remember these?

131  ...charming little cupcakes, no?  I had a whole day planned out but somehow, these cupcakes consumed my entire afternoon.  I was fine with that for the most part; because I wanted them just so.  I put extra care into the dollops of frosting, creating swirls and swivels I've never attempted before.  Every sparkling sugar sprinkle was placed with exactness, after all, I was going to be taking pictures.


The moment arrived when I placed them on my favorite fall-ish looking plate to take them to the party.  Everything was going according to plan.  I even managed to remember to bring my directions!  We made a few stops on the way- Target, Wal-mart, Wendy's.  You know, the usual.  All the while the cupcakes sat on the dashboard- no doubt catching the eye of every parking-lot-passerby.

Finally, when we neared the party I realized my directions were no where to be found.  So at a red light I carefully placed them on the dash.  The party was fun.

The End.

Oh what?  Ohhhh.... Ok, so yeah.  The normal thing happened, as it usually does... Tony said something like, "heh.  WOuldn't it be FuNNy if thesE cupCakes fLeW off into your facE?"

Me: "Negative.  I would be pissed.  I have an expensive purse on my lap and this is a cute outfit."

***two seconds later***

Cupcakes a' Flyin'.

*me:  speechless

*Tony:  pulling over to asses the damage to my get-up

Finally I politely asked him to open the door so I could throw all the cupcakes off of me, and out of my life forever.


We actually started cracking up.  I almost brought the plate anyway... *shoves them towards partiers*  "here are yer freakin CUPCAKES!"  All for more laughs.   Anyways.  I was just sad that the birthday girl didn't even get to taste one.  Sorry Tiffany.  Really cute party by the way.

I think this calls for more cupcakes.  Excuse me while I go bake...

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{megs in wonderland} said... Reply To This Comment

Aural Perception my 2nd year was SO SO SO hard for me.

I LOVED theory soooo much more. If I can get through it- ANYONE CAN!

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

When things like that happen all you can do is just laugh! It is so much better than being look SO sad in that picture :(

Okay so now to the important thing...were the purse and the outfit okay?!

Brett and Emily said... Reply To This Comment

wow love this!!! sorry about the strees and the cupcakes!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Awww! That is totally something that would have happened to me. As soon as someone says anything about how funny it would be if such-and-such always happens. Those cupcakes were really cute!!

Hope the stress goes away for you!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh man. I laughed.. a little. Sorry I couldn't help it!

If it makes you feel better my daughter peed the bed last night.. oh and it was MY bed she peed in!

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

"Cupcakes a' Flyin'..."

Oh, NOOO! :0

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry your pretty cupcakes died. But tell is the Juicy bag? Is it ok?

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

I agree with Lauren-Are your clothes and bag ok? :)

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Clothes and bags can be cleaned, but dead cupcakes and a ruined surprise can never be replaced.

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

oh no! that's not good at all! sad story!


heidi lou said... Reply To This Comment

The loss of a good cupcake is always a sad day. They were so cute!

Glad you could laugh about it though. :)

{megs in wonderland} said... Reply To This Comment

blogger bestie!
whats up!! we need to play a get to know you game, or have a cyber sleepover or something!
youre the best, i love how fast our relationship is moving, im ALL ABOUT THAT. xoxox m

ps are you a music performance or education major? and where? and what year are you? so many questions!!!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Oh man! Those cupcakes look fantastic. I think we should have a fall party! What do you think? and I seriously leave blogging for like a week and you have a photography giveaway. rude. ha ha

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

HAHAHHAHAHA eye so sooorryy!!

if it's any consolation (which it won't be..) i ate the most disfreakingusting cupcake in the whole world, mars, pluto and neptune put together.


<3 i bet yours were yummy. they look AMAZING

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry about the cupcakes:( Pop on over to my blog. I have an award for you:)

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Those cupcakes looked delicious. That's so frustrating but you're right, it made an excellent story to blog about.

Sorry things are so stressful for you right now. I was just thinking yesterday "I don't know how Connie does school and be a mother and a wife". My hat's off to you.

PS. I love reading your blog too:)

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Eh, there's still some traces of frosting on the bag. I'm saving it for later.

Cathy said... Reply To This Comment

Speaking of Wendy's... Ben and I tried to boycot them for while cause they've gotten so stingy and small and the prices are going up... but I was craving a frosty the other night and we broke down. I still love the Wendy's taste but I get so sad opening up a tiny junior bacon cheeseburger. Oh well, such is life.

I would love to do a photo shoot sometime for our one year. How much do you charge? email me at cathyjones4 at gmail dot com

{megs in wonderland} said... Reply To This Comment

cyber bff! what is up!

i am from gilbert! i graduated in 05, went on to 3 years at eastern arizona college (yeah that really really really small place in thatcher, arizona!) and studied music education. i sang and played cello there! got my associates, got married, moved to provo and now my life is taking twisty complicated new turns with school! i am at utah valley university right now, but im trying to transition to asu online.

PHEW! that was alot of information, i hope you don't think that was too soon for me to give you my life story. ps i am not a music major anymore (i know, my heart is sad too) but i want to teach internationally and work with NGO's so i'm looking into sociology, justice, or human development. hmmmm.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yup, things like that happen to most everyone, I think. Well, at least they happen to me/us. Remember the time I had that #10 can of mustard in the car that I was carting to the Scout Night Activity and all it had between it and disaster was a little white lid, well, of course, we had to turn and of course, it had to fall over, and of course, the lid had to fall off, and then naturally, it had to spill all over the carpeting in the blue mini van we owned at the time! I think by the time we got rid of that car, there was still mustard smell in it! Think on the bright side! At least it wasn't mustard! Love, Mother