Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sort of Super Busy

I'm alive, it's true.  To me it seems like I haven't blogged in ages but maybe it's just me.  So.  What have I been up to???  Glad you asked...

*some of these pictures are with my new camera.  The slightly blurry ones are most likely from my other not-as-great-camera.  If you see pictures you don't like, Tony took them, we'll say (heh heh).  OK?  Swell.  And by the by, no editing was done.  Alright, carry on...*

Well because I'm getting more serious, I decided to throw a photography class into my schedule this semester.  Just so I can learn all the things the camera manual does a crappy job at explaining.  I'm really glad I did.   I especially love our homework:  "take pictures."  SO, here are a few I got of Brody on my first day fiddling with the camera settings on manual mode (that was a first for me)...

9-1-09 (35) 9-1-09 (6)copu 9-1-09 (28)9-1-09 (13) 9-1-09 (41)9-1-09 (12)9-1-09 (42)9-1-09 (45)9-1-09 (60)

Tony and I went to dinner and a movie for date night.  We saw "500 Days of Summer" and it was so cute.  We both cracked up throughout.  Just go see it.

datenite Michigan football started!  I'm only going to say this once.... Tony and his entire family are without question Michigan football's biggest fan.  Which means, me too.  So no, I don't only go to football parties for the food.... but it doesn't hurt.  Just sayin.  AND if you like Ohio State?  Get out of my house.  {just kidding, sort of}



9-5-09     003

Do you like Brody's shirt?  It's actually mine.  A safety pin later and a lot of tucking... but he doesn't look half bad.  ha ha!

Um Hi!  Tony made me dinner.  Salmon burgers, holla!  Do try them (Costco).   I just love HIM!


And LABOR DAY was spent at my sister-in-law Lecia's for a pineapple-burger-and-pina-colada-FEAST-plus-swim-party-backyard-bash-extravaganza!!!! Yep.  It was a "welcome home from Oklahoma" party.  I love this family... and obviously I took pictures.  I proclaimed myself family photographer and no one objected.  They don't really know what they are getting themselves into. (;


083 065



My nieces are teh coooolest.

074copy  Aunt of the year, right there.071copy


Tony was sneaky and spelled out this while we were playing games.  Err, no, that was me.  He was thinking it though... naturally.


Ahhhh.  I'm back.

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Love those pics of Brody playing with the hose! Too cute :)

And I really wanna watch '500 Days of Summer'! I've been hearing such great things about it, and I always love a good romance movie, hah.

Glad you're back! :D

heidi lou said... Reply To This Comment

your pictures are fabulous, love them!

And those salmon burgers look delicious. I think I'll have my parents buy some, PRONTO. The joys of living at home.. :)

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I've been a blog slacker too! Glad your back. Loved your pictures!!

Jen and Brian Smithson said... Reply To This Comment

yOUR PICS ARE so GREAT!! I love them your awesome with your camera. .

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

gorgeous pictures connie!! i love them...lots. looks like you've been having fun. my husband is obsessed with michigan too, i dont even know why?? but i love their gear...hehe.

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

Too cute!! Your little man is adorable!

Man, I want to see '500 Days of Summer' SO freakin' bad!!

Salmon burgers? Yeah..I like salmon but I don't think I like it in burger-form...'nuff said!

By the by...you have some super awesome radioactive spider jumping moves going on, on that trampoline...whooooo!

Annie said... Reply To This Comment

SOOOOO many great pictures!
you must have an awesome camera or you are a great photographer!
you are too cute and so are the kiddos, of course ;)

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

with the start of school...i think a lot of people have become blog slackers. it's all good.

i love all the pictures of Brody playing with the hose.

so cute.


Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

I love when college football starts.

Michigan didn't look half bad saturday either.

salena said... Reply To This Comment

Your new camera is awesome. I love the hose pics with Brody, so cool!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

I so wanted to take a photography class this semester. Maybe next semester. Do they really have a michigan wall in there house? and Im surprised you can still jump on tramps. Seriously I always have to pee after I jump. Always. Glad you are back my friend.

Natalie Ann Ingram said... Reply To This Comment

welcome back from your 7 day blog vacay. I love the mad photography skills.

Your little boy is super cute and has some supe cute rolls going on in the ankle area. I love it.

your labor day swimming party makes me jealous. I have not gone swimming once this summer...true story.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yea this was a great weekend! Connie you are SO talented with a camera, i'm glad we finally got you a nice one. Oh yea and those salmon burgers were quick,simple, delicious and healthy! Look at me with my mad George Foreman skills!


Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Great pics. You'll have to let me know all the awesome stuff you learn in your photography class. I've been thinking I should take one soon.

You weren't kidding you guys are the biggest fan. Was that Michigan seriously painted on their wall?! That's crazy.

Lecia said... Reply To This Comment

Okay, everybody better quit dissin' my bro's Michigan wall. Jealous, I know.

Connie, connie, connie has done it again - I love those tramp pictures, I'll have to show them to the girls sometime when it's not 10:35 at night!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

yayy connie i love this.

except my whole family are penn state fans. like. die-hard. my pops played there in le college.

oh wellz.

i hate it all :]


Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

So many great pictures! I love Brody with the hose! I want a salmon burger! :)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I am glad you had a lot of good food and family fun during the labor day week-end. The pictures are great and I never tire of seeing Brody. He looks like a little man now compared to a month ago! He is growing, growing, growing. Sometime explain the devotion to Michigan to me. Afterall, I could see the Arizona Cardinals thing, but Michigan? I don't mean to offend, just explain the origin of that! Love, Mother

JED said... Reply To This Comment


Connie said... Reply To This Comment

MOM! Simple... Tony was born in Michigan- so his family are all from there, originally. So Michigan will always be a big part of them- kinda like California is to me!

wowteacher@hotmail.com said... Reply To This Comment

Awww! Now that splains it!---Long live Michigan! California rocks! Which Cali teams are your favorites Connie? Love, Mother