Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hair-do How-to

I've always wanted to become a hairstylist. Whyyyy???
Because I think I'm awesome at doing hair?!
a ha ha! (Good one)
OR because I like doing hair?!
Wrong again.
Sadly no, I am none of those things. The truth of the matter is I suck at doing hair, nor do I find it enjoyable. Wanting to become a hairdresser was for selfish reasons, really... I NEED to know how to tame this mane. (Oh, you didn't know I have naturally unfortunate curly hairs? Well. Now you do. Curse my German genes!)
SOOOoooooOoO... why do I feel qualified today to give you this little tutorial? Easy...
I don't!
But my sister asked so she shall receive...
The "Messy-side-bun"
Step one: buy these.
In my legit opinion they are the only way to do this.
Do not use these or these
these definitely no.
Now, create a pouf. I can usually only achieve a pouf if I tease the begeesis out of it along with a sticky mess of hairspray, root lifter, and mousse.
Four or more of these used simultaneously should do the trick.
If that doesn't work maybe you should try Bump-its. I hear they work great (heh heh). If that doesn't work this hairstyle is not for you and you might as well shave your head.
Once your rats nest is poufed to your satisfaction, pull hair to the side and secure with aforementioned rubber band.
I pull it out a little for more volume.
And now for rubber band numero dos.
Somehow... with a little twisty and turny flip-of-the-wrist-action, create your bun. I'm not gonna lie, this step is annoying as hail.
It's usually a little out of control so that's where these come in.
You might love it or you might hate it. I'm not loving this one so this is where I revert back to last weeks successful messy-side-bun picture.383Before you go, check my wiggity whack fingers in this picture! Sawweeet.380
Now insert flower, if you feel so inclined.
AV mode (14)
That is all.

Oh, and p.s. turns out, I am a celebrity. Stay tuned to find out how I know this.... 'till next time!!!

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Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

You are too stinkin' cute m'dear! I SO wish I could do that with my mane but I have the issue of REALLY curly hair that I straighten and once it is straight ALL the volume is makes me sad :(

Thanks for letting blogland know...scrunchies are no longer excuse. Not even when you are washing your face in the privacy of your bathroom. They should be illegal...that is all.

Annie said... Reply To This Comment

you are the cutest eva!! love your hair, how fun!! i wish i still had my long hair....*tears*

Katie said... Reply To This Comment

That is adorable! I doubt I could ever pull that off though. I also have insane amounts of trouble ratting my hair to get a bump. I rat away and it still goes flat. I have stringy hair too.

...But hey, if you can do it I may just feel inspired enough to try! Thanks for showing how!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

HAHA I love your tutorial!! I really am going to try the step by step...after I straighten my hair! ugh.

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Very cute bun. It makes me want long hair. Something I don't know if I could ever pull off.

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

ya. my hair won't do that. at all.

but thanks for the tutorial anyway!


Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said... Reply To This Comment

i must try this! :)

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

So honestly, my hair is the most manageable thing in the world (truly a blessing), but guess what: I can't tease it for beans. Not even for beans! (ya maybe that's not funny to you) I can occasionally get it to have some teased volume, but it only stays if I pull it back (and it's very little volume at that). If it's down it will all untangle itself, no matter the amount of product I use. What's up with that?

p.s. check my blog soon. i think you will have great interest. but don't go right away now. i need time to post.

salena said... Reply To This Comment

Whatever! I seriously always thought you went to beauty school cuz your hair was always hott at church.
I so need a lesson with hair. and makeup. and everything. I doubt I could get my hair to do that, but now I'm gonna try it out.

I like these about the next one you show us how to do eye makeup..cause I'm really liking yours and I cant do that either. lameness.

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

And this is why my hair has never been longer than my chin! I seriously suck so bad a fixing hair! But you look Presh!!!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Aw! Love it!! Very red-carpety!!
Thanks for the tutorial girl :)

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

so cute connie! i have a more lazy approach that requires one hair tie but i love your approach tons more. and i love your outfit!! darling!!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE the hair tutorial! So cute! And AWESOME pictures!

Can't wait to hear your celebrity story:)

Jayci said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Connie! thanks for visiting my blog - you have the best hair in the world!!! ha ha Even when I try out these messy buns they always turn out a little too 'sporty' if you know what I mean: messy and just .. messy. ha! I love your pictures and blog style. woohoo for prettiness!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

I should just shave my head now. This is too hard. The problem is I am perfectionist and never think my messy buns are done correctly. I know. Im a crazy person.

ashley wright said... Reply To This Comment

I love the part where you talk about the "turny flip-of-the - wrist action". what the...? wait, can you come show me? i suck. you make it look all easy peasy. Maybe my hair needs to be a wee bit longer for this eh? :)
anyhow, super cute! said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Sweetheart, So feel free to admit that the curliness is from my very curly headed, afro-curly mother. She gave me the wavies, and Anne got the ringlets (Shirley Temple Style) and you got pretty much what I inherited. For all your friends who think they could never pull of the style, have them think again! Just have them look at the pictures you took of Dad and I. My hair has never looked so good. Of course, I didn't do it, you did, so maybe you will have to come to everyone's house and fix their hair one day (come to mine soon)! By the way, the way you write is so cute and the P90X thing makes you look ripped! Love, Mother

Lindsay said... Reply To This Comment

connie! your blog is so cute! I'm so glad you commented on mine! Now we can be friends! P.s. Love your side-messy bun!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

those ARE some pretty wiggity wack fingers!


Marissa said... Reply To This Comment


Sara said... Reply To This Comment

That is so cute! I can't wait to grow my hair out and try it!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Loved the tutorial. Your daddy will try it with his hair!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the hair tips! I'm always looking for new ways to do my hair! :)

Just wanted to let you know that I just gave you two awards on my blog...