Friday, September 18, 2009

A Brody only weekend

This past weekend was perfect for me.  Somehow our new computer stopped working and I'm pretty sure it's because of me.  For those just joining in you should probably know....

see THIS???? Picture1

That's me.

So with my computer broken, and Tony completely out of the house for the weekend, I decided to spend every waking moment with Brody. {Tony was in California with his company.  BUT more about that later...}  I guess you can say I tried to make up some time I feel like I've missed since school started again.

By the way I took 501 pictures of the weekend but don't worry I only posted a few several


Brody was SO happy, I didn't make him do a single thing he didn't want to do!

047Whops, how did that get in there?





The night before Tony came home I took Brody to the temple and got some fun shots.. although, I really need a tripod


And that was that.

Last thing...


Confession:  me and cam are in a relationship.  Tony doesn't know.

18 lovely comments:

Nat said... Reply To This Comment

you, your baby, and your camera are the cutest things ever. I love to look at your do a wonderful job.

Also your acessories are adorable. I am taking lessons from your blog k. mmk.

P.s. Love your's making me miss my long hair. sad.

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

Okay...your little hoot owl is the cutest little man EVER! Totes adorable!

Oh and um hi...I am jealous of your your hair...and your uber-long lashes in the last pic!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Did you just get your hairs did?! They look lighter...and gorg :)

I love you! And your cute pictures!

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

lol the shopping part! Your hair looks really cute and your pictures are great!

Bree and Bryce said... Reply To This Comment

so so cute! Love your pictures at the temple!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

what a fun fun day!!

love the temple pics.



Annie said... Reply To This Comment

what a fabulous mommy you are!!
looks like you and your handsome little man had a lot of quality time together. fabulous pictures! :)
i would for sure have a relationship with cam if i had em too ;)
hope you have a great weekend pretty girl!!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

You have to show me STEP BY STEP how you did your hair in that last photo. seriously. but I loved this post. brody is darling!!!

Brea said... Reply To This Comment

So my birthday is coming up and I would love to have the last pic you put up of the temple framed and hanging in my house! WOW it is just beautiful! :)

P.S. thank you for commenting on my blog, you are the only one that does now. :( It makes me happy to know I at least have one friend out there. :)

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

i love it connie!!! i see you went to santan. if you ever want to we should meet up there for a little playdate and some ehemm shopping ;). you are darling--srsly. so my aunt gave me her camera bc she hated it and i cant figure out how to do cool stuff with it...i may just ask for the canon there you are holding for christmas. ehhh anyway, maybe you could show me!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

"me and cam are in a relationship"! Srsly fell off my chair at that one!
Brody is a babe! Glad you had a fun weekend! said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, you do know that Tony will eventually see and comment on this post and recognize that Cam he gave you---shame on you! (ha, ha, ha)! Dad just bought me a small Nikon 10 Megapixel CoolPix this week-end when we went to Pittsburgh (cause I accidentally left my charger at home and my camera on during the 6 hour trip there!) I too love my new cam (please don't let your father know)! Anyway, I love people too! Especially the woman kissing the cam with and the little guy I haven't seen in about a month! He's looking so grown up in these pictures---His hair is getting longer and he is so little boy looking (I think he skipped toddler-hood and went straight to pre-school!) I absolutely love the football picture. His pose looks very professional---just like any ball player on t.v! I wouldn't put it past Brody if he doesn't go to the Cardinals try-outs later this year! I know he will grow a bunch more before Christmas! I can't wait for those times. You lucky girl to have spent a week-end just you and your sweet one! I just did that with Dad and Mike and now it's over (time flies when you're having fun)! Always remember to embrace each moment! I love you! Love, Mother

heidi lou said... Reply To This Comment

so freaking cute.. your pictures turned out awesome!

And is that Bahama Bucks that Brody is eating? I'm a little jealous.

heidi lou said... Reply To This Comment
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Tracy said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love it when my only responsibility is to play with my little boy.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

What is it with women and their cameras???

I love the brodster pix. Way too cute.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

No Lauren, I didn't get my hair done. I wish I did though!

...soon enough.

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

fun pictures! You are so good. So good.