Monday, August 10, 2009

The Drive and then some

I'm safe and sound in AZ again.  {And I obviously i think the shirt is hilar... just not if he forgets to wear his wedding ring. That would not be hilar. ha.}

So my trip....

What started out my drive here?  Oh... just the guy at Jiffy Lube telling me my tires and and his bald head had a lot in common. (He seriously said that).  So that didn't make me very comfortable driving 16 hours with my precious baby boy and having our car weighed down from all our junk.  But I got some cute pictures of Brody while we sat there, at least.

054 050 048

What made the drive better?  My mom and brother who happened to be going my way.  They were driving from Virginia to UCLA where Mike is going to school now.  (I'm so excited for you Mike)  It was awesome how the timing worked out!  I did NOT want to have to drive by myself.  I was going to have to since Tony has a few more days left out there.  The best part was when it started raining cats and dogs the morning we left.  So I had to pack my car up while I got drenched.  Thanks Mike for helping and thanks mom for watching Brody. I wont bore you with the video I got, but it was quite a storm.  What the.. hail?

I was pleased my cute little potted plant made the trip okay. If you call okay DYING! Remember when I got it for mother's day?  I finally (almost) killed it.  The flowers just shriveled up.

                                                 Before                                                             After

3725 3812

I hope I didn't fool any of you... see, I'm not graceful in the slightest.  I can be quite scatter brained.  Never used to be, but something changes when you get pregnant and have a kid.  Anyways.  So 500 miles into our trip I realized I never shut my trunk all the way.  It was just resting closed.  I thought I might have done that but didn't check it till we stopped at this place... (my mom is so cute)


yes, it was a miracle my stuff isn't all over interstate 40.

I also overflowed my gas tank.  That's a first- but like I was saying... not graceful.


We stop at this place in Texas called "The Big Texan" every time we go through there.  They offer a free 72 oz steak if you eat a 40 oz or something.  Siiiick.  At least their decor is welcoming.

3764 3767 3768

This fun place was behind a Shell station.  So we got the blood clots out of our legs and played for a little bit.

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Oh yeah, and this pic I got while I was unpacking our apartment in OK.  I kind of miss it there.3734

On to my life in AZ....

What's creepier than staying in a creaky house in a foreign neighborhood alone?  These wall stencils.  They MUST BE DESTROYED.  Apple kitchen isn't really my style.  Although it can be way cute... just not done like that.  And these bathroom flowers are just wrong.

3782 3776

So I'm making that projecto number 1.  Remove hideous wall stenciling.

Project number 2 is decorating.  I do an OK job but I'm no interior designer.  Hence the reason why I almost did that in college.  I need tips.  Here's what I have to work with... later will come before and after pics since I know you guys (my family) is dying to see the new pad.

3821  3825  3824

I arranged the flowers in these candle vases... I'm quite in love.

3828 3820 3822 3829

my favorite little corner.

There she be.  Little glimpses of my house. 

I came across lots of fun things while unpacking.  I never knew I was such a pack rat.  Ok maybe I did.  But I'm getting over it.  I'm DECLUTTERING my life and I'm actually kind of obsessed with throwing things away now.

1. My plethora of puka shell necklaces... from the junior high days.  You had to wear one, or you were not cool.  I wore one and I still wasn't cool, but that's another story.  I just know the second I throw them out is when they become the "thing" again.  Which is why I hold on to the junk.

new 020

2. Why I own this book I will never know.  Why I own TWO of this book is just a mystery to me.  I haven't read it, maybe it's slightly better than the movie.  At any rate, is someone missing their book?  Please.  Take it.


3. I KNOW I'm a pack rat now.  I still own my collection of slammers.  What. THE. Freak.  Sure, the last time I played was in 5th grade(ish)... but maybe I'll make a killing on EBay in like 100 years.  That would be cool.  I'm still trying to figure out why I ever liked this freaky looking one.  I think I traded my brother 12 pogs for it back in 1994.

3802 3804

4. I'm thinking of kicking these shoes to the curb for all they put me through.  I worked as a server at Applebee's for a long month before I quit.  If anyone waitresses and wears a size 7 1/2, they are all yours.  You "will not slip".


5. I found this shrink wrapped stack of like 6 DVDs I was given before Brody was born.  I haven't opened them, and I probably never will.  First off, what the kind of title is that?  "The first years LAST FOREVER"  If I were a little kid, I'd be really offended right now.


6. Last but not least.... Jaime will appreciate this.  I still have the grain of rice with my name on it that we got in Oak Glen in 1993.  And our best friends puzzle piece necklace.  One thing to remember... if someone can write your name on a grain of rice AND draw a smiley face on the back of it, you best not EVER be throwing it out.

3811 3809

The best thing about this place is I can now let Brody loose in the backyard and watch him explore rather than chase him down constantly at the park.  Good times.

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Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Well Connie one of those books is mine and it is like my favorite book ever! In fact i just read it like a year ago! I love you, keep up the posts!

Brett and Em Randall said... Reply To This Comment

i wish i was in arizona!! cant wait to get home. where is your new house at in AZ??

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Lots of stuff going on!
I love your new decor!
And holy crap you still have slammers and pogs. I remember those things!
Those pictures you took of your family and the red tires are amazing. Glad you made it to AZ safely!!

Austin and Ashtyn said... Reply To This Comment

hahahaha you are a pack rat!! pogs and slammers, those were the greatest. Jealous you are home in AZ.... NEXT week for us :) Can't wait!

Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVED POG!!!! I can't believe you still have those! Ahh that's awesome!

And I've always wanted one of those grains of rice with my name on it - how they do that is a mystery to me!

Welcome back to AZ!!! Let us know when you guys are all settled in and we'll have to get together - we've missed you!

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

Haha. Slammers. hhahahaa.

So when's the house warming party? We'll bring the bean dip.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I CANNOT believe you still have POGS! That is hilar!

Umm...those wall stencils ARE scary! hahaha. I want to see your new house!

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

I'm glad you are safe in AZ. I like the video! I didn't even know you could get rice with your name on it. Where have I been?

Becky and Brian said... Reply To This Comment

Glad you made it back to AZ safely. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place.

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

I'm still laughing that you actually packed those things up and took them with you to OK. Although I have a disorder when it comes to throwing stuff away. I don't keep anything. Welcome back to AZ!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Oh whops Tiff- I should probably say... that stuff was all in storage while we were gone. I hope I didn't ruin anything for you (;
I pretty much took nothing to OK. I didn't have vacuum for 4 months, ew.

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

I still have my puka-shell necklaces...I'm holding onto them just in case. Why waste perfectly good necklaces.

I also have a confession Connie, I still have my Littlest Pet Shops and Polly Pockets (the originals) from back in the day when me and T use to collect them. I remember going to recess and playing with Korry Katzman with all the little dogs and stuff, so don't freit, you aren't the only pack rat around here!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Glad we made the trip together Connie, can't wait to see you for your birthday and watch Brody so you can go to Cali and enjoy the beach! Your blog is amazing to read, and watch! I'm so glad Brody has a real backyard! Congratulations! Love, Mother

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

YOU are just crazycoool. AND you're back in arizona??!? hehemm..let's play. and make cool things--like cheapy house decor via goodwill. lol.

PS i pwn'd at pogs. whatwhatt?!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, you are so cute! I loved reading this entry. You get the pack rattiness from your mother's side of the family...I would never save anything, ever. OK, maybe you do take after me.

The brodster is so cute in the video.