Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello blog...we meet again.

Today I am...

feeling: like I have too much on my plate

listening: to music online

thinking: it was high time I wasted all that nail polish.  8 years is way too long


wanting: a friend I can just call up whenever

wishing: time didn't fly so fast

needing: everything on the list I told you

dreaming: that someday people will Google my sheet music

loving: spending every waking moment with my baby boy!

7-2-09 0196-28-09 0312

obsessing: over Photoshop.  I've been editing pics like a mad woman lately

craving: avocados for some strange reason

missing:  my grandpas

deciding: I need a swim

6-26-09 022copy

Seeking: success in what I set out to do

Learning: I have to work super hard for everything I want

7-13-09 Mom and Dad photoshoot 062 copy

going:  on a trip this month – while my cute mom watches the B man. woo hoo!

hurting: I shaved my ankle off in the shower

liking: Tony and my plans for a trip to DC this Christmas

 washington monument 4-9-05 Cherry blossom festivalcopyjefferson memorial 4-9-05copy 

seeing: that I can be cheesy, but love it.

smelling: Brody's diaper


wondering: if this watch is too big

knowing: i love life

finding: anything's possible.


by the by, have we met?  I have a feeling I don't know everyone

Why you no say hi me?  (name that movie)  (:

16 lovely comments:

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

Is it from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever. Hmm..

Let us know if you need any help moving things in and stuff.

See you guys soon!

ashley and wes said... Reply To This Comment

Hi connie :)
I love your posts... You're so creative and entertaining. DC for Christmas sounds amazing... i want to go too! as for the watch, i think it's awesome!
wellp see ya later

Katie said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Connie! You were so sweet and commented on my blog once after I commented on Lauren's post about you, which in turn urged me to come over here and see what you were up to. Turns out I find your blog absolutely adorable and this post in particular makes me smile. What a creative and fun format! Anyway, hope you don't mind if I read along. :)

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Connie that is really unfair because you watch some of the dumbest movies ever that no one else would think about watching! I don't know what the movie is called but i know it has Rob Schneider as the main character, so you know its extra sucky. buuuut.....I love you!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Ohhh I can hear him saying it! What is the movie????!!!

And no. That watch is adorable! No watch is too big.

I love that picture of Brody's eye. You need to tell me your photoshop tricks. I loooooove photoshop. But I think I've only hit the top of the iceburg!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Keep the watch.I love it. I know that movie...I know that movie. AHHH! I cant remember it.

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Way cute watch! We're excited for you to come home. Nolan misses his buddy.

Monica said... Reply To This Comment

Connie:) I check your blog out from time to time. I LOVE Lauren's blog and I saw her blog about you and I was friends with Tony & Ty in highschool. So, yep that's it. Your baby is a chunker. Soo stinkin' cute!!! Are you guys moving back to AZ or are you stuck there.. forever???!! Must be hard to be away from your family :(

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

With Rob Shneider as the main character could it be The Hot Chick? Just guessing here. I honestly tried to search the net and came up with anything from Casablanca to Sex in the City---crazy--you will have to tell us! You are an amazing blogger (and daughter)! Love, your BFF--Melody

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

All those nail colors!--cool--would've loved to see them all comingle before their death! Love, mother

JED said... Reply To This Comment

BFF?? I thought your mom was my BFF!!! Well, at least you are a daddy's girl!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Mom you are my hero because you totally guessed it. It was hot chick. Tony- you and I watch the same movies. I think I made my point (;

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

CONNIE!!! I love random phone calls, they always make my day! Sometimes I call you randomly, haha. You can always call me just to talk. I love talking haha!
So glad your coming home soon! Let's play!!! WOOOO!!!

Busy Bee Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

You can always call me. I seriously love you. Let's become closer when you move back!

Love your photography! Especially the one of Brody's eye! Amazing!

I love you!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

ahh photoshop is my bffae. and sheet music?! piano?!?! OMG i will SO GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love love love sheet music. i suck; but that's why i just write out all thenotes, play it over and over and over (and over) and memorize it. so it looks like i know what i'm doing--when i really don't. MMMMM.

love you. you can call me up whenever. for realz. sew serious. i love talking. on the phone. about everything. and nothing. all at once.