Friday, July 31, 2009

too. . .weak. . .must. . .blog.

Tony's right, I couldn't not-blog.  haha. Today is just one of those days... where I literally did nothing.  NOTHING.  The way I woke up, is the way I am right now.  I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not.  I think I'm entitled to one lazy wasted day every once in a while.  The only thing I am ashamed of, is that the last time I told you I was going to do some homework, I worked on it for like an hour and haven't touched it since.  Needless to say, I'm not done with my class...and for some reason I can't seem to pick up my book and just do it.  I was able to pick up 2 packages of coconut m&m's and scarf those down, like the nasty I am today.  Lame me.. (today me).  I'm not usually lame, really.

What to complain about next....

Actually, things are just dandy here.  I get to go back to AZ NEXT week.  NEXT WEEK!  It wasn't supposed to be until the end of August but I need to go early to move into our house and stuff.  Tony and I were CRAZY... we picked a house without ever even seeing it.  (Ok, we saw pictures and had his parents check it out and make sure it was livable, at least).  But, it should be interesting to finally see it myself, and probably give me more to blog about when I get there, who knows.  I discovered I need to make friends with the people living 4 houses down because they are the only ones with a pool on our street(I know because I Google mapped it, mmk).


The other day I was sulking about something, who knows.  So I bugged Tony during work with tons of downer text messages.  You know, the usual stuff to say to try to get your guy to start gushing about how perfect you are.  So he played along and that night he even brought me home flowers.  Tony is always so thoughtful.  I ♥ him.

Random wish list/to-do:

  • new camera
  • electric toothbrush
  • take daily vitamins
  • to have more photo shoots before my barely started business crumbles completely (but first I need a new camera)  That might be a while (darn)

Ok... well I better go clean up so it looks like I was actually productive today.  Enjoy your weekend!

8 lovely comments:

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

Do you have family in az? If not you can stay with us if you want. we've got extra room now that my dad moved out :) Umm coconut m&m's...I'll have to find those.

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

Where is the house in comparison to Cindy or Lecia? I think it's great that you got one. Have fun moving stuff in!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

yay for getting to move back!

good luck with your house.

and GORGEOUS flowers.

don't you love it when hubbys do that?

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Where is your housssssse?!

Newlyweds said... Reply To This Comment

Oh girl I totally have days like that, infact I am having one of those days today! And YES we are allowed it every once in a while!!! :)

Like everyone else said, where is your house? I had no idea that you bought a new house. That is so AWESOME! I cannot wait until we get to get a "home" for us... it's gonna be another 3 years but it will be worth it. :) I am so happy for you though... Let me know if you need any help moving in. We are leaving on the 14th so anytime before then. :)

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

I love lazy days! They are the best! as for the downer text messages to your husband, mine always consist of ..." next time we decide to have children remind me of these last two days" (p's teething) or " I need a drink... a hard one" he usually loves that one. you should try those! ha ha.

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Hi sweetheart, crazy days, good days though~ It was thoughtful of Tony. The rose you photographed looks awesome! Your wish list is logged into memory (your birthday is coming up)! I can't wait for late Wednesday night when Mike and I will be with you all! Mesa, Arizona and new house bound we'll be! cONGRATULATIONS! lOVE, mOTHER

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

A HOUSE? How exciting! :)

I've got to try those Coconut M&M's!