Sunday, July 26, 2009

Story time Sunday

My mom is so funny.  She’s got tons on her mind… and does a lot of stuff for people.  So sometimes I wonder what’s going on on her end of our phone conversations.  Mom just so you know, we just had a conversation that went like this:
Me:  “…I might have deleted them, check the Recycle bin and if they are there you can restore them”
“Oh, the computer trash can?  …Ok”
Yeah, they might be there, I just don’t know wha-”
I love you too! bye!”    CLICK. 
I love you mom.
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Now for my story…fyi, to the many guys that read my blog, you might not find this interesting…(Fast forward over the next 3 paragraphs to get to the real story)
A little while ago my friend Lauren opened a discussion about breastfeeding in public.  It reminded me of something that happened to me while I was nursing.  First of all, I loved it.  I hated it too, but I loved it more.  I just felt so good watching my scrawny newborn turn into a tub of chub.  It wasn’t hard to see he was getting all he needed from breastfeeding- and then some.  Although it was extremely painful starting out, and often times less convenient than formula would’ve been, it was free; and I always knew it was something I wanted to do so I wasn’t going to give up no matter how cow-like I felt.  Of course, I have nothing against formula and mom’s who choose to (or have to) use it!
The thing I’ve learned about motherhood in the last 16ish months is, there is generally no “right” way to do it.  Each mommy finds out what methods work for her.  I HOWEVER, found it more comforting to hide out during breastfeeding.  You see, my child did not “allow” nursing blankets.  So I had no choice but find a secure place to do my thang.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have minded the public-with-a-nursing-blanket-though, part as much. 
Most of the time when I had to nurse away from home, it wasn’t all bliss and glam.  Like sitting by a roaring fire for example.  AND, despite my best efforts to remain concealed from the world, I had an instance where my nursing moment was rudely interrupted.  It was bound to happen- since I had to nurse like 5 + times a day for 13 straight months.  And with my luck, those odds were not in my favor.  But in this case, it SHOULD’VE been avoided…
It started out a typical Sunday, my family and I were at church- sitting in our usual isle- and as usual, the mother’s room was full and Brody wanted to eat NOW.  SO, I went to the bathroom (wasn’t my favorite place, but was my last option at this point).  Thankfully, the handicap stall had a long bench (away from the toilet) in there that I could sit on.  I happened to notice there was something different about the stall this particular Sunday.  There was a laundry hamper in there with me….?  I didn’t give it much thought, I knew there was a door connected through there to the baptismal font- so I figured someone must’ve gotten baptized that weekend.  Halfway through my thought, the door inside the stall FLYS OPEN and a MAN walks in!  I was not in any condition for visitors, least of all a man.  In the women’s restroom.  In the middle of church.  Who by the way, didn’t even knock.  I would’ve felt bad for the guy for such an awkward situation, But HE DIDN’T EVEN JUST SHUT THE DOOR AND LEAVE!  He finished walking in and grabbed the hamper, and THEN left.  I should point out, it was obvious that I was nursing!!!  The nerve of some people.  Actually, T and I both had good laughs about it…   but… really, dude?  Really?
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You asked…
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Brett and Em Randall said... Reply To This Comment

wow cant believe he just walked in!! girls bathroom ring a bell... or maybe that it was during church!!?? wow!! ya i sold last summer in san diego and this year decided to bring along brett! hope tonys doing well!! and ya that swim suit is so darling!!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Was that really our conversation? I honestly don't remember it quite that way, but I guess it was---although it is a much nicer thing to blame it on the cell phone service! I'm sure that was it!--Yeah, the phone line just went dead--honestly! Now, about nursing---you are right, there is no one right way to do it, and with your outdoorsy, I want my freedom child, you either try to hide the fact or else you throw all caution to the wind and nurse, unabashed, totally free, in front of everyone! I know it is not your style though, but it would have been your child's preferred method. Afterall, He was not embarassed to eat, why should you be to feed him? I love the new nursing covers they have now---an old blanket was the best I could do back in the day! I agree that guy shouldn't have walked into the girls restroom on a Sunday during church to grab the hamper---dude---ask a chick to do it! Love, Mother

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

mom you're hilarious "dude, ask a chick to do it!" totally. I'm not talking about our last conversation, it was actually yesterday, when I wrote this. Anyway it happens a lot but that's just one of the reasons I love you (:

salena said... Reply To This Comment

I know what stall you're talking about..good to know. Now I know never to use that one:)

I know what you mean about the loving-but hating it part. I am determined to get past the mostly hating it part with at least one of my kids!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I just found Lime Ricki the other day when I searched for modest swimsuits!! I saw your zebra one on the site!! Totally cute :)
I don't remember the name of the one I ordered but I can't wait til it comes!! They have some way cute stuff.
BTW- great mama phone story and the breastfeeding one too! I can't believe you nursed for 13 months! YOU GO!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

LOL! That is hilarious! What was that guy thinking?!?

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

Your mom sounds JUST LIKE MINE! Except she doesn't even say bye...she just hangs up! Drives me insane! :)

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

ummm...dude. that's rude of him. helllooo? privacy???

and thanks! i'll check them suits out!