Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Must-haves

When I find something I like, I stick to it.  And unless it’s discontinued, there’s no reason to switch.  For example, when I was 8 years old I tried chili cheese fries at Del Taco and that’s all I’ve ever gotten since.    So here are some other things I stick to. 

This face wash is amazing.  I love it.  Tony put it in my stocking our first Christmas and I have never used anything else...  Olay Foaming Face Wash {has to be “sensitive skin”… the other kind smells weird}:  my only criticism, it doesn’t travel well.  Trust me.  So I don’t take it with me on vacation.


Best part?  It’s $3.50 and lasts 6+ months

Best mascara of all time: Maybelline XXL Volume.  Whatever you do, get mascara with primer.  It’s absolutely imperative.


Cheap shoes.  It’s all I buy.  I usually don’t spend more than 30 on a pair… and usually I can score some for under 10.   Love.

7-9-09 0080164-23-09 (2)

charlotte sandals $6.99   –   Floral heels {Ross clearance} $8.99   –   leopard flats Target $12.99

What are your must-haves?  I MUST know.

Here’s a must-not:  Do not buy purses at Charlotte Russe.  They are usually around 20 bones- which makes it very tempting… but they SUCK.  I bought 2 in one week because they both broke days later.  Don’t waste yer time. {I love everything else there though, do not be fooled.}

pCHIC1-5467485t80 pCHIC1-5883135t80 pCHIC1-5638469t80 pCHIC1-5883136t80

Onto more news…Earlier this week I went with some friends to another Zoo not to far from here {I’ve never been to so many ZOOs in such a short period of time}.  It was… painful.  It was… HOT.  And the place was, quite frankly, a dump.  I LOVED IT.

   7-21-09 norman zoo 0357-21-09 norman zoo 0217-21-09 norman zoo 022

this llama had it out for me.  Hated my perfume or something.  Yeah right, like I was even wearing any. 

I loved being soaked by the overpowering misting sprayers throughout the entire facility.  That was my favorite.  Unlike the Oklahoma City Zoo, which was nice and paved, this place was all tree roots, mud, and wood chips.  Not stroller friendly in the slightest.  I was sweating and struggling the entire “guided tour”.  When we first got there a lady went around to let people pet their rare, exotic animals.  The best was when some lady was like… “ooooooo!  What is that?”  The zoo keeper responded, “It’s a rat.”

7-21-09 norman zoo 0347-21-09 norman zoo 011 7-21-09 norman zoo 016

Most awesome pig I’ve ever seen

This zoo was crazy.  They let us in a few cages.  It wasn’t dangerous or threatening at all… even when we were all in with the Kangaroos.  I’ve never seen a place that allowed that.  I was fine with it; even though the kangaroos looked like they were going to attack us.  We even fed them bread!  The lady took a big bag out of a garbage can and handed the bread to the kids, who immediately started eating it.  Brody didn’t, I made sure.

7-21-09 norman zoo 002 7-21-09 norman zoo 006

Brody got in trouble by the tour guide for hitting this turtle on the top of his shell.  It might have been because the turtle was born in 1906.  Cray-zay.  I had to keep Brody strapped in the stroller the whole time since there was an abundance of poison oak and poison ivy.  Score.  When I did let him out, he wished I didn’t.

  7-21-09 norman zoo 0367-21-09 norman zoo 0337-21-09 norman zoo 024

What was more ghetto then petting skunks and rats?  This poor turtle:

7-21-09 norman zoo 032 Two words: duct tape.

SO it wasn’t the greatest ZOO ever, but we still had fun with our friends!  Today…not so much.  I attempted to have fun by going to the movies with my friends and B… but I had to leave half way through to go fax something that never got faxed until several tries later.  I had to drive back and forth each time, and Brody wasn’t happy about it.  Oh, and something happened to my car clicker thingy.  On the plus side, Brody snatched this free 80’s inspired water bottle from our apartment office.  {remember the awesome whistle straws!}  I secretly wanted it but wouldn’t dream of taking one myself.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to take free stuff, like pens or even candy at the bank.  But I couldn’t just put it back after B chewed up the straw now could I! (Thanks Brody!)


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Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

That pig looks so gross!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

i am rollllling on the floor dying. this is so fetching hilar!

zomg cheap shoes! love them love them looove them! i'm just like you. cheap shirts, too. can't say the same about jeans, though :-/ lolz. oh well.

<3 when are you home?? me+yous+laurens=shooting shoot shoooting avec le cameras.

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

have you ever tried Queen Helene Mint julep mask? Its a must have. I love the way it makes my skin feel and it totally gets rid of those blemishes fast! The Zoo is hysterical. But I totally feel bad for that turtle. Duct tape? seriously? Did Brody do that? Haha.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I want to try that face wash!

I got my zebra flats at Target for the same price! Twins!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the tips!
And holy ghetto zoo!!! There was really duct tape on that turtle?!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Right now, the only must have I can think of is a shower! I have just come back from Misty Mount, Maryland and true, to it's name, it not only rained, it poured and my towel got wet on day three and didn't dry the entire rest of the trip---day 5. Showers are bliss! Love, Mother I also love that brand of mascara! It's the best!

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

Hey, we have a ghetto zoo about an hour from us too. We don't get to pet rats and skunks though. In fact, we don't get to pet anything. Haven't been there in about 10 years though.

Erica & Albert said... Reply To This Comment

Hi! Found your blog through Busy Bee Lauren. This post CRACKED ME UP. That pig is hilarious, as is that ghetto duct taped turtle. Still laughing!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, have you ever tried dial soap? It smells really bad and dries out your skin like a mummy, but it is cheap and cleans like bleach. I just can't live without it.

At least that zoo is better than the La Paz, Bolivia zoo. They had a dog on display, and not an unusual breed either, just a mutt from the street. They didn't even have alpacas and vicunas...

Brett and Em Randall said... Reply To This Comment

hey came across your blog today, so cute! i think i met you at one of the moxie activities.... maybe?... tony lived in my stake awhile back and knows my brother brent.. but anywho didnt realize you were the freakin cute fashonista and mommy Lauren spotlighted in her blog a while back!!! so cool! and your baby is so cute! cutest cheeks ever!

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

Connie you are so adorable. Love the shoes, love the zoo, and i love that Brody kid. I'm so glad he's smiling now haha. Probably because he's nowhere near me!
My must-haves are Neutrogena facewash, Curel lotion (i use it as a face lotion and it's amazing), Dial soap (it dries out your hands, but I love the smell even though it reminds me of my grandma's house haha) and I'm starting to become a HUGE fan of high heels. Like... really high heels. :)

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

When you are here for Christmas, the National Zoo it is! And as far as products goes, give me most fragrances and lotions Victoria Secret, and Bath and Body works, most make-up maybelline or the more price-reasonable brand, and I'm still experimenting with the hair products, so I'll let you know! Love, Mother