Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet Virginia

7-10-09 (199) I got to visit my awesome parents and bro for 5 days; and it was loads of fun.  I came home a little fatter, sticky, and exhausted.  But it was SOFUN.  It was my longest plane ride with just Brody and me…it was hard. But fun.  But really tiring.  I learned a lot…

  1. DO leash your child.  I have NO problem leashing Brodyman.  I swore back in

the day that it was cruel and unusual punishment; and I would have no part in it.  But it helped me more than I can say… oh, it was great.  Besides, he loved wearing it; and cracked up every time it pulled him.

July 9 and 10 Connie and Brody visit 0057-9-09 035 July 9 and 10 Connie and Brody visit 258 (2)

2. DO bring suckers on long drives and airplane rides.  It kept Brody occupied for at least 30 minutes. WOOT.

7-11-09 (7) 3. DO love the little things.  I miss my mom and dad’s adorable home.  The best was seeing my old customized Little Mermaid pillow case on the bed my mom made for me.  She thinks of everything.

7-9 thru 10-09 Virginia Trip! 004IMG_1677copy003

4. DO find a place to let your active one year old tire himself out at.

I really need to scope out a park like this one in AZ.  It was the bomb, and Brody had the time of his life, so we went twice.

7-14-09 connie and brody visit 0307-10-09 (160)copy7-14-09 connie and brody visit 0017-10-09 (111)July 9 and 10 Connie and Brody visit 207copy7-14-09 (13)7-10-09 (87)7-14-09 (53)7-10-09 (58)7-14-09 (34)copy7-10-09 (39)7-10-09 (67)7-10-09 (54)copy 

5. Do NOT bring your fave sunglasses on a trip, they WILL inevitably get busted.

7-9-09 (38)

6. DO realize my baby is not a baby anymore… riding trains all by himself.

7-11-09 (81)7-11-09 (90) 

7. Do NOT ride this ride if you ever find yourself at Hershey Park.  You’ll be wasting your time. I’m pretty sure It’s actually an ILLUSION.

7-11-09 (135)copy

The first time Mike and I tried to ride it we waited for over an hour in line… we were second to the front when we heard “attention, due to bad weather we will be closing this ride.. blah blah blah”.  It was cloudy, but 15 minutes later started pouring.  Fine.  Later on that night the sun came out and we rode more rides and it was a blast

7-11-09 (176)7-11-09 (188)7-11-09 (181)

After a few rides we decided to go back to that roller coaster and make it our last ride of the day.  We waited for another hour and got to the front!  We sat down, got STRAPPED IN…. and, “attention.  Due to bad weather….” 

They unstrapped us and made us leave!  We couldn’t stop cracking up. Totally something that would happen to me.

8. DO NOT think you are smarter than the weather man (I usually do).  Bring an umbrella if you hear the forecast calls for a downpour.  We drove home soaked, freezing, and frizzy.  Or, at least I did.


9. Do bring cash in case you go to Target or Costco for more than an hour… they CHARGE for parking.  Target!!!  That should be illegal.

7-9-09 (49)7-14-09 (92)

10. DO shop for new sunglasses on street corners in DC.  Cost me 5 bucks…which means more bills in ma pocket… cha-ching.

7-13-09 (40)7-13-09 (6)7-12-09

11. DO NOT allow grandma to buy hot pink pacifiers, EVEN if that’s all they have.  Doesn’t feel right.

12. DO try eyebrow threading.  I didn’t do it, but my mom is sold on it.7-13-09 (7)

13. DO try authentic Vietnamese food.  That is, if you’re awesome.  OK, I was skeptical but it was TASTE-TEE. 

7-14-09 connie and brody visit 0547-14-09 (79)7-14-09 (59)7-14-09 (65)

14. But DO NOT eat HERE at Hershey Park… unless you like wasting your dad’s money and eating charcoal.  You know, whatever.

7-11-09 (47)7-11-09 (48)7-11-09 (46)

15. DO give the B-man up to the parents and bro for as long as possible, whenever possible.  My arms felt like they were going to fall off after the first day of traveling.  Plus he loves them.  And I need a break.

7-11-09 (52)7-11-09 (162)7-12-09 (33)7-11-09 (98)7-9-09 (107)7-11-09 (119)

OK maybe not.

7-9-09 (90)

(just kidding guys)

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Briley said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like a lot of fun! When are you coming back here so we can have some fun??

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I am glad you had fun. I am still recovering from your trip. You forgot to mention that Bman does not sleep on just anybody...

Man I love that little guy. Don't let Connie fool you, he is the sweetest and best behaved baby anywhere except California!

salena said... Reply To This Comment

I love the pic of Brody at Target..he's a cutie!

Oh, and I bought those same pink binkies on sale at Fry's for Embry...but he only uses them at home:)

Bryce and Bree said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you had a blast! Now paying for parking at way in heck.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I love that you leashed Brody.
Great picture of the side of your house.
That is one awesome looking park!
What a let down on the rollercoaster ride!!
Paying to park at Target.. sucks!
I need more details about the eyebrow threading before I committ to trying it.. sounds painful!

Great post! Love the dos and dont's :)

Austin and Ashtyn said... Reply To This Comment

haha I love the leash!! My mom had my 2 sisters 13 months apart growing up and we couldn't leave the house unless they were both leashed! it works for animals, why not our human children? :) Looks like you guys had some fun! Love the pics..

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, you never fail to make me laugh! Glad your having fun, I want to go back east someday haha.

Sarah and Trent said... Reply To This Comment

So fun! We went to Hershey and I loved it, but we were not able to ride any rides. But we did get free chocolate!!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

{one} i always said i would never use a kiddie leash. you might have just changed my mind.

{two} that looks like the funnest park EVER. i want to play...

{three} Roller coaster lines can be obnoxious. that has happened to me so many times. ahaha

{four} parking costs? what?! not right.

{five} you are GORGEOUS.

mike said... Reply To This Comment

Dude , that was fun! Story of my life...waiting for nothing. In the army we say "hurry up and wait" I liked seeing the Brodster but I honestly liked seeing my sister the most! too bad we dont live closer together.....ACTUALLY IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT WE DO LIVE CLOSE. ITS JUST A REALLY BIG WORLD! oh and by the way, I liked the leash but it didn't quite work when he would lay down on the ground....

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

There's so much to love in this post! The cute pictures of your parents' house...fantastic shots at the park and other places...and your awesome narrative! :)

What the? I can't believe the stinkin' Target charges for parking!

I totally leashed Ty and Lauren at Disneyland when they were little! It sure beats having to go to the "Lost Parents" department! ;)

Connie (and Tony) said... Reply To This Comment

Yah! If more people leashed their kids, there wouldn't BE a lost kids dept! lol

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

duuude i lived in hershey. that ride is SOOO FUNNNNNNN!!

and connie. you are the greatest. bfff (best facebook friends forever). Loh!L.

srsly though. your blog is delightfully entertaining. luff it!

Katie said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Connie! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog--It was really nice to hear that you saw and liked my comment on Lauren's fashion post. I was very impressed by your class and style and now I'm pleased to discover your blog. It's adorable!

This was a delightful post. :) I used to live in Pennsylvania and I grew up going to Hershey Park so I had a good laugh at your pictures and comments on it. And no judgement about the leash. Traveling is so stressful and I can tell your a good Mama. I'm glad you all had a great trip to see family.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah Connie, that was soooooooo fun to have you all here to share some summer fun! I am looking forward to coming to AZ for your birthday and to look after Brody while you enjoy Cali! Love, Mother

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I love you truly, truly I do!

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

Found your blog thru Lauren @ busy bee! I love it and I LOVE VIETNAMESE FOOD...mainly b/c my man is Vietnamese but his parents make the BEST vietnamese food and that's about as Authentic as it gets. I figure we could probably be friends since you like the stuff too! :)