Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Typical day in OK

Brody and I are usually up first.  When Tony comes out of our room Brody greets him like this every morning.  It’s so cute.
Mommy and Me swim class with Brody.  He loves the water surprisingly enough- it took him a year to start loving bath time.
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Once the kiddo is napping I do a little workout. You know whatever… I HAVE to since I have a love of candy.
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I drive around with this light bugging me. Not sure what’s wrong with the engine, and I probably don’t want to know otherwise I’ll be even more worried to go places.  It’s been like this for over a month… should probably get it fixed although the guys at Auto Zone weren’t concerned. 
6-24-09 0416-27-09 006
Work on my online class while I slowly get Brody addicted to TV.  At least he’s kind of reading in one…
6-24-09 0036-21-09 (4)copy6-27-09 037 6-30-09 002 
I change my mind more than I change my clothes.
6-27-09 013 6-27-09 019
I got a different iron.  I decided I wasn’t in love with the other one.  This straightener has silicone strips through it, apparently the latest and greatest thing.  If someone thinks that’s a bad thing, tell me now before the 30 day exchange policy is up. Kthanx :p
Sometimes I get the mail, take pictures of stuff or Charde, and visit the apartment pool.
 6-26-09 033 6-26-09 021 6-1-09 036copy6-26-09 025 6-26-09 024 
If it’s not the pool it’s the mall.  Whatever gets me out!
  Then I make some kind of gourmet meal for my hardworking husband {if you call gourmet following directions on the back of a box/bottle/packet}. O yeah.
6-11-09 053 (2)copy
At the end of the day I assess the apartment for fingerprints and clean up toys. 
7-1-09 002
The end.
6-20-09 036

Oh, and yours truly was featured on busy bee lauren!  Go check it out!
Busy Bee Lauren
P.S. there’s a GIVEAWAY!

10 lovely comments:

Busy Bee Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Connie! I loved this post! I love the cute little pictures of everything. I think my favorite pictures were of you and Brody at swim class..and the one of your candy! So pretty!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

{1} Hi. I'm Britney and saw you featured on Lauren's Blog.

{2} You are the CUTEST mother ever. And...I want your closet/jewelry box.

{3} That video of Brody is ADORABLE. Oh my goodness. Priceless.

{4} My "check engine" light is on about 95% of the time. I got it checked out (more than once) and both times they assured me nothing was wrong but sometimes the lights just stay on for some odd reason. In any case, it still worries me at times.

{5} That food looks pretty gourmet to me!

{6} The end.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Ok. You have to tell me your bloggy secrets.
My blog is in serious need of a face lift. Are you just super computer savy or is there a site where I can go and figure stuff out?
I'd love to change my font and add some funness to my blog!

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

At least your getting him addicted to Handy Manny (who's voice i have a crush on... if you can have crushes on voices) and Dora the Explorer. Now, if it was Yo Gabba Gabba (the show that I OPENLY DESPISE) then we would have to have a serious talk.
When are you coming back? I miss you. Especially on days like today when I want to do some exercise but don't want to do it alone. :(

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

He he! Thanks for tooting your horn!
That website is great. I'm gonna try and figure the font thing out. But I'm sure I'll be back asking for help!

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Brody is so adorable in that video! :)

I loved this post! You take such awesome pictures of simple things and turn them into art! I also loved your feature on Lar's blog! :)

Kellen and Erin Hansen said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like OK is pretty fun! You are so cute on Busybeelauren!! I think Brea Hiatt was telling me about her once, and how there's always a million people commenting on her blog. Anyway, you're cute!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Here it is only the third of july and Connie has a lot of comments even before I got to see her blog. It must be nice to have friends...

That video is absolutely adorable of my Brodster. I really can't wait to see you two! I wish you were here.

My Connie can make anywhere fun. She is the coolest! I love her pictures, her music, her humor.

I am sorry you did not like that wonderful iron. How do you get wrinkles out of your clothes with it?

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I just read Dad's blogging comments and have to admit, he doesn't know a straight iron from one you iron your cloths with, but that's o.k., he still is cool to me! In a mere 6 days (5 if you are reading this on the 4th of July) we will be sharing some good times for a few days! I can't wait! Looks like we will have to hit the pool so Brody can keep up his skills, and practice cooking foods with (dare I say it) No garlic, and you will have to teach me your fashion sense skills so that I don't run the risk of being a frumpy grandma! I love you a lot and look forward to the good times! Love, Mom

salena said... Reply To This Comment

I love that you caught that on video of Brody! He's adorable. Its so hard to catch those everyday cute moments on camera:)

So I was reading Lauren's latest post and I see MY name at the bottom of it?! I won the necklace! I love it..first cause it's adorable..and then the fact that it came from a fashion icon makes it famous! :) Thanks!