Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cuteness {and a Rant}

Tony knows I have a thing for extremely old men. I think they are SOOOOO adorable! Like puppies. This guy pulled my little heart strings when I first saw him on my yahoo homepage… awwwwww!  What’s  better than this is an old couple.  How awesome is this guy?


Meet Henry Allingham… he’s the world’s oldest man now 113 years old. I would die if I ever got that old (hopefully). How cute is he! haha!

But not as cute as my dad!!!

Happy Father’s day to the best dad everrr. I usually say my mom is my best friend but the fact is, my dad is too. He’s done a lot for our country, and never has asked for praise- but he deserves it!


Connie's Wedding October 2006 088Copy of California reception OCT 2006 002

I love you dad!

And my rant.

See these adorable glasses? They are super cute.

Aviators - BIG sunglasses - and retro frames.

vanessa-hudgens-sunglasses sunglasses 1207761674_f

AND…They look like garbage on me. ALL OF THEM. I want so bad to wear them but alas, I can’t pull it off. Great rant, huh.

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Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha ha just look at that old English bast! He looks like Simmons on Liar Liar..."Simmons is old! He should have been out of the game years ago but he can't go home cuz he hates his wife!" As for Lynn, he is one great father/father-in-law! I am excited for our Christmas trip out there this year!

MamabearMills said... Reply To This Comment

hahah i think it's a fab rant! i look stupid in those as well!!!

Lecia said... Reply To This Comment

Whatever! I've never seen you look like crap in anything! I need proof - post a pic.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I see Connie is into collecting pictures of old men...

I am not sure what makes me such a good dad, I did what most men have to do to raise a family, nothing but hard work. It was never any sacrifice, I love my family. I am late for work this morning...

Connie (and Tony) said... Reply To This Comment

No I wouldn't say that... "collecting"...what am I a freak? I just saw this pic on my yahoo homepage and thought it was cute. What? You don't think old men are cute? It's even better when they are slowly walking hand-in-hand with their wife. lol

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Ya know, I am not jealous you said Dad is also your best friend! Afterall, the more best friends you have, the better life you have! Congratulations on a rich life! Plus, I don't think it's weird to show the old guys. Reminds me of my grandpa and I do remember seeing both of them (Grandma Mutti and Grandpa Pappy) holding hands. Once I even caught them lying on the couch together! I thought then that it would be cool to love someone like that throughout the years. With Dad and I approaching 27 years in August, so far, so good (we just have to keep up the dating thing, I think)! We did go to see The Fray and that was a fun date, but alas, we went without the big shades---whatdayamean you could never pull them off---you totally could! You rock in everything you wear! Love, Mother

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, you had the old guy's picture then you had the picture of the man and his birthday cake, isn't that collecting? :)

By the way, your daddy has been really sick. :(

Connie (and Tony) said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry dad! I hope you feel better, I'll pray for you!!