Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is How I Am Doing

6-10-09 015copy 
{thumbs up}
True story!
…Except the whole deal with the brace… not so fabulous.  Pretty much, the day classes started, my wrist started killing me.  Then it traveled up my arm, and then I got a huge knot in my back.  {all of which are still there} What’s the deal?  I’m out here having a blast- it’s not like I’m stressed out or anything! PSH!
Thanks to the seasons of 24 dvd's and candy my mom mailed us {she knows me all too well} the wrist is tolerable; despite the mounds of homework I’m sitting on.  In fact I’m putting off my research proposal that’s due today to bring you this oh-so-exciting post.
6-10-09 022copy Eh.
Yesterday some friends got together and we went to the ZOO.  It was Brody’s first time and he enjoyed it, I think.  It was 95ish plus humidity so we were all kinda dying.
6-9-09 114 (2)copy6-9-09 108 (2)copy6-9-09 116 (2)copy6-9-09 104copy6-9-09 088 (2)copy
I think my favorite part was the monkeys and gorillas
6-9-09 065copy6-9-09 045copy6-9-09 028
Brody was terrified of this little guy right here:6-9-09 029copy I wonder why.
My second favorite part had to be the 60’s inspired paper straws.  Have you ever experienced a paper straw?  It was kinda interesting, I see why they switched to plastic.
6-9-09 101copy6-9-09 100 
6-9-09 081copy6-9-09 013copy  6-9-09 090copy6-9-09 002 (2)copy6-9-09 093 6-9-09 024
Fun Stuff.
6-2-09 014 (2)copy
6-2-09 020 (2)copy2On rare occasions, I get to see Tony during the day.  Sometimes we’ll meet up with the guys on their lunch break.  Last week we went to Pop’s, a gas station–slash-burger joint.

my hand is numb…
I liked these pictures from there.
 More guy time:  We came out of a store to this pretty sunset and tried to take a picture when someone offered to take it.   My boys are adorable {and twins, geeze look at them!}
 6-6-09 055 6-6-09 057 (2)copy
What else?
 6-8-09 002
Brody is obsessed with toothbrushes.  I came into the bathroom to find this.  He goes into our drawers and steals them.  It’s the only thing he will take out of there too.
What is Brody NOT obsessed with?
6-6-09 006 I saw what I thought to be the cutest pool floaty of my life.  And upon bringing it home to the kiddo, he started bawling. 
What am I NOT obsessed with?…That school book lingering in the background.
…I can’t wait to sell you back and get twelve dollars.

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Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Sweetie, I'm so sorry about your wrist. When you are here, Mike can look at it. The zoo looked fun, albeit hot and humid, and to tell you the truth, I think I remember paper straws. Your boys and you look amazing in those sunset pictures. I love the colors in them. Thanks for posting so regularly, I love to see my Brody grow! He just loves to care for his teeth, doesn't he? Train him young, I say! I love you. Love, Mother

MamabearMills said... Reply To This Comment

cute cute cute pics!! !i love them! i love the "my wrist is numb" hidden in there! hahahah

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

BAH HAHA I just started cracking up just looking at that pool floaty! geez no wonder brodys mom! he is so cute with those toothbrushes!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

Ps.. sorry about your wrist, back and whatever else!

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

I remember taking Austin to the zoo the first time. It was way fun! I hope you feel better. BTW-you should be a professional photographer. You have a photographer's eye.

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

i love reading your blog! It always makes me laugh! Who wouldn't be scared of that pool floaty!?!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I agree with Signe, you really do take good pix, but more than that, you are a great writer! I loved the floatie too, whatever that is.)

I am sorry your paw is kaput. My back is like that too, making going up and down stairs painful. I can't wait for your visit. I love my baby.

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

That floaty kinds scares me too! Just's hilarious! :D

I'm sorry about the pain you're dealing with. Great zoo pictures!