Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grilled Salmon

My husband LOVES this meal. And he usually hates fish for the “fishy taste”. This meal does NOT taste fishy at all thanks to this seasoning.6-28-09 006

Take your salmon filet and sprinkle both sides with this seasoning. Don’t go too heavy or it’ll taste too salty.6-28-09 016

Prepare your rice in advance (this takes about 15 minutes and your salmon takes about 6.

6-28-09 011

Once your fish is seasoned, stick it on the George Foreman for about 6 minutes. I flip it just because- but you probably don’t have to. SO quick and easy. 6-28-09 023

Don’t cook it too long that you dry out your fish- “juicy” is good. Plain rice goes perfect with this since your fish is so flavorful. Voila.6-28-09 027

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