Sunday, June 14, 2009

“Father’s Day”

I had it all planned out- well sort of.  I forgot to make Tony a card, but my intentions were to do it when he wasn’t looking and have Brody deliver it.  I was able to put off the gift giving/card delivering because I wrote this on our fridge:


I let Tony sleep in till 10 and woke him up with a full course pancake breakfast.  We made our plans for me to take Brody for all of church so he could have a day to relax; it’s his day.

Before church we were watching more 24 and he complained about his neck hurting.  On any normal day, I’d say “sorry Hun, that sucks”.  But since it’s HIS day, without a complaint or excuse, I gave him the neck rub of a lifetime.  I’m such a good wife.

On our way to church I thought of ways to make his day even brighter- he deserves it!  But while reading the program at church Tony asks, “Is it really Father’s day?” 
“YES. I’m POSITIVE.  I looked at the calendar and I sent my dad his gift this week, I’m absolutely SURE.”

“No…. it’s flag day.” 

One question… Do you know where my mind is?  I seem to have lost it.

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JED said... Reply To This Comment

My poor baby Connie. I thought this Sunday was Father's Day too, but then I missed so many Father's Days because of the Army Guard, so what would I know? You just keep being a good wife and give Tony all the neck rubs he wants for the rest of the week, he will appreciate it!

MamabearMills said... Reply To This Comment

hahahhahah lolol...i looked at this post and was like wth! im in trouble! i thought fathers day was the 21st! oh great! eeeeeek....thx for scaring me JERK! lol

sylvia said... Reply To This Comment

so does this mean Tony gets the big goose egg next sunday...really, what can compare to your flag day gift? You are so cute.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh! I am dying hahahah!

Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

Hahahaha! Better too early than too late, I suppose...

Tisdale Family said... Reply To This Comment

Hahaha! Totally sounds like something I would do! To funny though!Looks like you guys are having a good time!

salena said... Reply To This Comment

You scared me! While I was reading this, I'm thinking OH crap! Today was Fathers Day???? Whew..Im safe:)

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, NOOO! Now you have to give him another neck rub next Sunday! ;)

I thought Father's Day was the 14th too, but lucky for me, Hubby Man set me straight before it got out of hand, haha! :D

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

I did the same thing! I set out the frozen sausage to thaw to make breakfast for him and told the kids to make cards because tomorrow is Father's Day......then I asked Dale is tomorrow Father's Day and he just rolled his eyes and said, "You don't even know when it is?" It's next week. Oops.

mike said... Reply To This Comment

ah fathers day is over rated flag day is where its at!
PS fathers day is the #1 day of the year for collect calls

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

oh fetch. my heart dropped when i read this post..i thought i missed it completely.

one thing: if that were i and it were mother's day (and i had a child..i think that's like..square ONE)i wouldn't have alerted him until the END of the day..then again, i'm selfish like that :D

Lecia said... Reply To This Comment

You scared me for sure with this post! But, you can just claim that you're always ahead of the game. Too bad you have to baby him two weeks in a row now.

P.S. Tell Tony that I thought of him when I couldn't sleep the other night because the stupid Phineas and Ferb theme song was running through my head nonstop.

Bup and Bridget said... Reply To This Comment

I didn't know you had a blog! I am so glad you found me. Now we can be Oklahoma friends and blog friends!

patti said... Reply To This Comment

Lucky Tony! Now he gets two Father's days!! It's funny though. Couldn't help but laugh. Mainly because most of us have done the same thing one time or another. It'll make a good memory. Love you both.

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Just for your knowledge base---Mother's day is always the 2nd Sunday in May, Father's day is always the 3rd Sunday in June. No exceptions! To be fair, I learned this fact this year after having to plan seminary activities around them! The next holiday is 4th of July! I think that qualifies as a good neck rub day! Love, Mom