Friday, June 12, 2009

8 Things and a Survey


So you might have noticed… but I have added a bunch of fun-filled links above.  They are not all available YET- but I thought I’d give you a heads up on all the exciting stuff in your future… err, MY future.  Anyway, check back and maybe they’ll be open for your enjoyment. :D

And now I have to plead with you to complete the survey on my sidebar!  It’s for my online class {and my exciting research proposal}.  PLEEEEASE bloggers- do it!  I don’t care if I don’t know you, or if you are blog hopping- Please DO IT anyway! By the way my paper is due Sunday so do this today!  Kthanx

And since I was tagged…

Tagged: 8 Things

I've been Tagged by the beautiful Sarah...8 Things... and in no particular order jsyk (just so ya know)

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Went swimming with friends
2. Did Pilates
3. Some homework for my English class
4. Made Sweet and Sour Pork for dinner
5. Went to the grocery store
6. played all day with Brodster
7. took a long nap
8. missed everyone’s phone calls because I was napping

8 Favorite TV shows
1. Seinfeld
2. Bachelorette
3. American Idol
4. 24
5. What not to wear
6. The Biggest Loser
7. I dunno
8. I really don’t watch that much TV

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Joe’s {I’m in love with BBQ}
2. Texas Roadhouse {mmm… steak}
3. Mongolian Beef at PF Changs
4. Fogo de Chao
5. Oreganos
6. Firehouse
7. Rosie’s and their garbage burrito
8. Red Robin

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
1. California trip with Tony at the end of summer
2. My Birthday this summer
3. getting pregnant again
4. buying a house
5. graduating from school
6. fixing my piano
7. arm/neck/back/whole body feeling better
8. visiting my parents and Mike in DC this summer

8 Things on my Wish List
1. Baby Grand Piano
2. New Camera 
3. Cricut
4. Go on a tropical vacation with Tony
5. big house
6. fancy car
7. a million dollars
8. my own island… or country.

8 Things I am grateful for
1. My Boys
2. The gospel
3. My other family
4. my talents
5. technology
6. medicine
7. friends
8. Blogging…it’s true.

8 People I tag
1. Anne -Love you, miss you
2. Brittany W- where ya been?
3. Briley – did I ever help ya out… with the thing?
4. Charde’ – wanna play?
5. Jessie – I miss your face.. and taco casserole
6. Signe’ – When’s your next visit?
7. Ruthann – It’s almost Monday! WOo woo!
8. Tiffany – it’s been a while, how are ya?

I love all my bloggy friends.

Did you do the survey yet!?!?

5 lovely comments:

Sarah and Trent Buehler said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah for Tagging! I also LOVE what not to wear and would love to have a baby grand piano and a cricut...I guesss great minds think alike!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Aren't taggers those morons who spray paint anything they can with illegible misspelled words?

Char and Trent said... Reply To This Comment

Hey! I LOVE the links you added! I created a blog a couple weeks ago to put my crafts and recipes on! Maybe you'll inspire me to ACTUALLY post on it! Lets hang out!

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

haha, I have pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet! You're not alone! Lots of people have been asking me that same questions! haha

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I did the survey before I went away on my trip to Texas and Utah. I totally don't know how to tag, but enjoyed reading yours. There is so much you need to show me when you visit. In one week and 4 days you will be here! O, the places you'll (we'll) go! (Doctor Seuss)! Love, Mother