Sunday, April 26, 2009


So back to my trip... there will be lots of pictures in this post, fyi! We stopped in Santa Barbara on our way to Solvang. It was SO windy, but we love it there!
Take a close look and the Merry-Go-Round of death is looming in the background.

View from the pier
Oh sure the ride looks harmless until you are spinning round and round at terrifying speeds! I about barfed! But I had to hold on to Brody for dear life because he kept trying to leap off the horse! It was horrifying!
planning his escape, no doubt.
We ate lunch at the lighthouse restaurant behind us. My mom, sister, and I ate there back in 2002 when we made a trip up to San Francisco. Memories!

Matching shirts was not my idea, but you have to go with mom (the one funding the whole vacation.) Plus it was a cute shirt... and free (thanks to mom...again :)
AND now Solvang. It's a Danish tourist town in central California, and it's a lot of fun!

Only in Solvang will you find a box of Jujyfruits for $4.99. OK, besides in a movie theater.
Anne's favorite place: The Mole Hole
Obviously I was not prepared for this picture. But I love the awesome face I'm making. This is us chillin chowing down on some delicious Danish pastries. They are the reason I go to Solvang, really.

This place had a sick amount of salt water taffy

A girl gets a little lonely when her husband is not around! heh heh

Brody is obsessed with climbing stairs! That time he got away from me

This picture cracks me up because all of us started walking off assuming someone else was going to push that beast of a stroller. Thankfully, it didn't take that long to realize our babies weren't with us!
This has to be my favorite picture of the trip. Clearly, it was Brody's favorite part. Ha ha!
Ahh yes, AJ Spurs. Pretty much over priced and over portioned but yummy nonetheless.

And that was our day in Solvang!

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Salena said... Reply To This Comment

Loved all the pictures!
That's so cool, I didnt know they had a little danish village in California. Steven's mom was from Denmark..she even had a bit of an accent:) Love the big wooden clog/shoe..whenever Steven tries to tease me about something to do with the Tongans..I always remind him that his culture wore "vooden shoes" you cant really beat that in weirdness! jk

Sarah and Trent Buehler said... Reply To This Comment

That looks like so much fun! My Dad served his mission in the Netherlands, and he would probably love it because it would be similar. When are you guys moving? (sad)

Newlyweds said... Reply To This Comment

how fun Connie! I love all of your pictures!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! I'm posting before Dad and Mike! You did a great job of immortalizing our day in Santa Barbara and Solvang! Glad I took you all! Love, Mother

MamabearMills said... Reply To This Comment

so are you living in AZ??? that's so close to me! im in las vegas