Monday, April 6, 2009

Shout out to Perris

I think that's his second shout out from me. And the only person yet to get one! Well, he's a special guy. You see, he has officially gone and made my parents old! Happy 20th to my baby brother, I miss you Perris!!!

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JED said... Reply To This Comment

JED is old because of his high mileage, not the age of his kids. I did eight miles today for example. Try doing that when you are 49 sweetie.

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I love this photo connie! Perris, if you ever see this, Happy Birthday! He is definately a Special guy, I concur!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I don't mind being called old by you kids. I earned everyone of my Gray or bleach blonde or whatever color hairs. I will never, no never succomb to gray alone. I think this summer I will do highlights. You've inspired me sweetie! Love, Mother P.S. It is great to see Perris on your blog in Spain. (Sort of like being there!)