Monday, April 13, 2009


Brody's Fireman birthday party was a lot of fun!

And here are some of the guests. Thanks to Sara and Family and the Haynes for coming too- I didn't get pictures of everyone, I thought I did!

So a swarm of thousands of bees blew by that provided the entertainment.
A gang of 10 year olds came by and stole food and candy but it's not like they were stealing from a baby. Awesome. (;

Good times.

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sylvia said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday Brody! It's already been a year?!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I missed little Brody...JED is sad.

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

It is cool that I was able to come and spend most of the week with you all. I was sad the plane delays made me miss the birthday party, but heh, there was so much more to enjoy! Brody and I bonded and I got to see him throw the ball very well, talk exceedingly cute and exhibit his independence! He's adorable as are his parents and I want to thank both of you (Tony and Connie) for a wonderful time! I always feel so wonderful in your home. I love visiting you! Good luck with the move. I know you will pack things efficiently Connie (as you did when you moved our house in Yucaipa). It's destined to be a busy few weeks! Enjoy the journey and the new adventure in Oklahoma! Love, Mother

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Awww...he looks so cute in his fireman hat! What a great party! :)

"So a swarm of thousands of bees blew by that provided the entertainment." WHAT THE? :0

Foolish food thieves? Who ARE these people, anyway?