Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to the toilet.

That title is for you mom. (She's pretty much the poetry master; and wrote that when we were kids.)
My mom was able to come visit (although I have to give my dad some credit too, he tried to make it!) and we had a lot of fun! As previously mentioned before on this blog, my mom is the "paparazzi" as we call her, so I got hundreds of pictures each day for a straight week. So forgive me in advance for inundating my blog with TONS of pointless, however meaningful pictures...I'm really doing this for my dad anyway who couldn't be there, and for my brother on a mission who gets an email of my posts each week. I'm not sure how many posts I'll end up doing but I figured I'd better get a start on this if I'll ever get 'er done. Enjoy.

Brody enjoying conference as you can see.

Opening up birthday gifts

I love that face!

Tony really wanted to go to opening day so that's what we did. It was a good game, we won.

Usually we leave Brody home, so this was B's first game!

Tony's dad and bro came too! It was good times

Oh yeah, and my mom entered a drawing and won a trip to HAWAII! When they announced it the crowd around us looked a little jealous. I was too!

Brody is walking pretty good now.

FYI, if you ever find yourself at Cheesecake factory with a baby, they'll give you free bread and banana for him. So don't leave w/o your free banana and bread! :p
And those were the highlights of our first 2 days with mom in town...

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Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Great summary of the first 2 days. Dad hasn't seen it yet, but all those pictures make me yearn to be with you all again. I love the post. It was great times, don't ya' think? One of the coolest memories for me was how Brody used his sense of humor to play with me! He's awesome, but then again, what do you expect...he's got AWESOME parents! By the way, how did Tony like his Awesome bar from See's? Love ya lots!---Mother, Momma Nelson, Jeda

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I heard you guys talking about your weekend but it was nice to see it! My favorite pic was brody's grin!

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

I had forgotten about the bread and bananas at cheesecake...thanks for the reminder! I love Brody's chubby cheeks. I hope my new little girl keeps her chubbiness! That's awesome someone in your family won a trip especially to Hawaii!

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Mellow, that Awesome bar was pretty darn good! i toldConnie she couldprobably just have it but then i tried it and only gave her a tiny piece!