Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mutant strawberries

NOPE, I'm not at all finished with blogging about my trip. But there's just something about sorting through hundreds of pictures and deciding which ones to post, that has me putting it off. Can't put my finger on why that doesn't sound too appealing... hm. Anyway...

How fabulous is this: 1 lb of strawberries for 88cents at Safeway! YES WAY! I have to admit, within the week I bought 8 lbs for me and my family. I have thoroughly enjoyed the fruit salad every night in place of my delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I’m trying to lose a few. That's besides the point.

As you know, Wal-Mart price matches so I got my last few boxes there, since Safeway’s selection looked pretty sad by the end of the week. (Yes, sorry, the sale is over. I know, I'm a horrible friend for not sending out a mass text message) Moving on, I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart produce or meat but I was craving more strawberries. As per usual, there was something definitely odd about their fruit. Observe:

This strawberry has a finger... or some random appendage.
It was pointing at me when I first saw it... nice.

It's hard to tell, but this one ABSORBED another berry!

this has arms! (i'm easily amused)I guess it's true what they say... turns out you can't judge a book by it's cover. I made sure to taste them and they were no different than any other mediocre Wal-mart strawberry. Lesson learned: blog about fruit because that's how you get readers. Oh, and some garbage about not judging. I don’t know where Wal-mart get’s their stuff but I always find something amusing there.

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Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

hahaha! ew, yeah, I have a hard time trusting Wal-Mart produce. Teenage Mutant Ninja...Strawberries?

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

Nice savings sista!

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

you strawberry hog! J/K! Wish I knew about that sale!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh! Those Strawberries are so crazy!

JED said... Reply To This Comment


Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I can't believe I'm always the last one to see your post. Sorry. Wednesday was the posting? Now it's Sunday? Crazy! Those strawberries were strange creatures!. Hey, Since the blog is about the only way to talk to you because of our crazy schedules, What say ye to a week-end get-a-way May 15, 16, and 17 for an Evening with Ardeth G. Kapp (yes she really is going to come speak here) and then some Mountain Climbing the next day (as much as you can with a baby) followed by some good ole' Dad and brother moments that night? I hope you say yes! I love you! Love, Mother

Connie and Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Most definately sweet mother of mine! I can use another vacation, who couldn't!?

BTW, CALL ME because I will be driving across the country and extremely bored on fri and saturday