Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines and stuff

This is what I meant by a "broken key". Have you ever tried to play the piano under these circumstances? It sucks. Oh well...
We went to my sister in laws for our annual super bowl party. It was great fun, I even supplied some "birthday cake cookies" but we all know what happened in the game so moving on...

I created a cupboard for Brody to destroy. It was advice I got in a book I my pediatrician gave me. I still haven't decided if it's a good thing to let him explore, or if it's just giving him the OK to break into more things. Eh.

B has this funny way of crawling. Cracks me up! He only does it when he doesn't have pants on so maybe his legs are cold? (there is no sound to this clip)

And finally, Valentine's day was a lot of fun. It's always fun to see what Tony will come up with. This year, a couple of my favorites was waking up to this:

A giant card and my favorite valentines candy (the "tarts"). He carved a message with an exacto knife into the back of these conversation hearts. He later said, "you don't even know how long that took me"! When I told him he could've just written on them he said he wanted me to be able to eat them. Aww. What a sweet gesture :p

A couple days before Valentines I received this incredibly beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen roses in the mail!

Tony had to work all day but he came home and gave me this.

Since it was Brody and I all day to ourselves, I told Tony I would head out to the mall sometime to get out. So I went outside to find this:

Aww. So I decided, since Tony was going to be driving around working he at least needed a little valentines day pick-me-up.

So I created this:

I've always wanted to do that, and it was a lot of fun! That is, until someone got greedy and changed it to "I love you sarah!" That was sweet of Sarah's man but c'mon buy your own cups for 4bucks! Cheap-o. I was a little miffed my sign was destroyed- it didn't even make it through the day! Whateva.

So in case I haven't mentioned it before, you must know, I am a genius. Like all girls, I wanted a box of chocolates for Valentines day, but I told Tony not to worry about it and we'd buy some the next day (or in this case the next Monday) when they were on major sale. I'm not one to buy into the holiday gimmicks. And boxes of chocolates, for 20bucks, I'm sure- are gimmicks. So, for all the fools who spent too much on candy, I got this little beauty for $2 at Walgreen's! What can I say, I'm awesome.

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shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Brody crawls like a girl! Haha, not meaning to be offensive, but that's how little girls learn to crawl because of their dresses. So, we'll just say he learned it from a gorilla movie.

And the broken key! At home that happened to our D key too! The one next to middle C. It would drive me to tears I'd get so frustrated. I think getting it tuned helped, but only for a little bit, then we'd need to tune it again. Maybe get a really good tuner or something.

Newlyweds said... Reply To This Comment

Your hubby is so sweet! I have ALWAYS wanted to make a paper cup display for someone! You guys are so cute to eachother! That's awesome...

Sara Crandall said... Reply To This Comment

Wow you guys went all out for V-day! I like your cupboard idea. Man, am I going to have to get cupboard locks when my baby comes? Hopefully a baby gate will work or something!

mike said... Reply To This Comment

great idea on the chocloates! i just dont think most people are that reasonable. they want it ON valentines.

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

This blog was full of LOVE! It really does a relationship good to invest some good ole fashioned time into making a creative statement like the two of you did for each other. I love the way Brody looks by the heart box of chocolates. It looks as though he is saying, "yeah, share the love!" Such a cutie, for sure! Also, he must have been cold or it hurts his knees to crawl on the hard tile, but when I saw this, I instantly thought of Moglie on the Jungle Book. Isn't that how he followed the wolf family---can't quite remember the particulars, but your son is smart and innovative---figuring out how to get from point a to point b without doing undo injury to his knees. He crawls like a Really Smart baby would (not like a girl)! Keep the Spirit of Valentine's all year! Love, Mother

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, about the key, I talked with a guy at a local music shop here and he told me that it is caused by the spring that pushes up the key. He said it is an easy fix too...someone who is handy with tools can easily fix it.

Any one who thinks my Brodster crawls like a girl are just jealous. It's one thing to bend over and touch your toes, but quite another to be able to walk on your hands!

If I sound a little annoyed, I apologize. Brodster is too much of a man to be worried about his manhood. I know you have the best intentions. :)

Sarah and Trent Buehler said... Reply To This Comment

I think I saw the "I love Sarah"...while I like the phrase :-) that stinks that they took yours down...way cute idea though!

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

You tell 'em Lynn! And Sarah, it was probably your husband that switched the cups! Curse you Trent!