Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year end

Ahhh... my favorite holiday. I woke up bright and early and whipped up some homemade cinnamon rolls. Note to self: don't go with cream cheese frosting ever again, it sucked. We didn't wake up until 9am since we stayed up pretty late. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to order pizza, watch "It's a Wonderful Life", and go look at Christmas lights around town. Good times...
Brody with his stocking and his Santa present...

He looks a little disappointed that it's just a toothbrush... haha!

When Tony and I were dating he talked about "mountain dew" lip gloss and how he wished they made it. Because if you know Tony, you know that's his all time favorite drink. So I practically squealed with joy when I saw that they made it, finally!

Brody got a Michigan hat from Cindy and Sean so we had to get a picture of both of them wearing them in front of our crackling fire place.
Brody liked his Mickey car from my mom. It's counts to twenty when you roll it forward and it counts backwards when you roll it backwards. Genius. I never had toys like that!

We went to my sister in laws for our family dinner and gift exchange. And since it rained all day the field was too muddy for football, the guys' usual tradition

Brody got a lot of great stuff

That night was the first time I brushed his teeth... I'm a bit of a procrastinator. He looked so cute, I had to share these pictures!

New Years Eve was pretty fun... we decided to stay in and just watch movies till midnight and eat random appetizers. FYI, NEVER get TGIFriday buffalo wings. They tasted and smelled like buttered popcorn, it was so disgusting.

We didn't exactly eat ALL of that but it was fun to try(; We went to 4 different stores until we found Martinellis. Apparently a lot of people drink that around here?
Brody update... This is what he's up to right now. He doesn't listen when Tony and I say NO and broken/messy/torn objects result. Eh, I didn't care for that priceless heirloom anyway. Jk! I love being a mom, Brody's the coolest.

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JED said... Reply To This Comment

Brody looks like he had a great Christmas! I love that boy!

Newlyweds said... Reply To This Comment

My husband would like to know why you are polluting your child like that??? Stupid Michigan!!! :) Go DUKE!!! :)
hahaha j/k I love Brody's hat! he is so stinkin cute! :)

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

AWWW! So cute! I love Brody in a hat!

I love the picture of him brushing his teeth!

I love that you ate appetizers...we did nothing. I fell asleep at 11! haha

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Another awesome post! You take the best pictures Connie! (Maybe you have the best subjects)! Mountain Dew lip gloss? Crazy! This coming from someone who found Almond joy lip balm---hAD TO GET IT FOR dAD! i MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH! Brody doesn't ever take bad pictures, does he? Looks like Tony had fun in the rain playing basketball! Love, Jeda Grandma

Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

Is that the "yule log" I see behind Tony and Brody? Haha, LOVE IT! I could watch that station for hours!

And the pictures of Brody in his pjs and brushing his teeth are the cutest ever!!!

Your holidays look like so much fun! :)