Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is JED, Brody's Grandpa, Connie's Daddy, Tony's Father-in-Law, Melody's Husband, and Molly's master, and I want to make a short entry in Connie's blog to make it known that I am here with Connie and her tiny family, and I am the happiest grandpa in the whole world. I am here because of my beautiful bride of 26 years paid for me to travel out west with our son Mike, and we are having a great time. Melody is freezing in the not-so-balmy Washington DC area, but Mike and I are here in the wonderful Southwest loving life because the weather has been perfect in California and Arizona. We spent time with Anne and her family, my mom, and now Connie. Mike and I will continue our road trip tomorrow when we continue on to El Paso to see Melody's mom. I have the best family and I am so happy to see everybody, and even though I have made fun of my beautiful bride for not getting to see her grandkids and for having to endure the chilly weather back east, I really appreciate her sacrifice for my trip, and I want the world to know how much I love her for it.

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Mom said... Reply To This Comment

You are the sweetest husband in the whole world (no offense rest of the world)! I am glad that you are finally able to get a taste of the life you have given me for the last 5 or 6 years! In the cross-country journeys I have had, I have been blessed to make an oval around the perimeter of the country as well as straight shots through and etc, etc, (all thatis in between) But its not the places as much as the people I remember as I have traveled. You know I can't get enough of my kids, their friends, my friends, the grandkids and our Moms (who would be anything without them) and I have enjoyed my travels each time. Yellowstone, MT. Rushmore, Crawdad pie in Louisana,The Big TEXAN, The Bay Bridge in San Francisco, Hawaiian shaved ice in Utah, even the wheatfields of Kansas to name just a few---I would be here all night if I took the time to name them all. All of this I have shared with your children thanks to your hard work, so I am honored now to reciprocate! But, I hope they know who loves them more!!!! (ha, ha, ha)! Love, Melody p.s. for Connie, We have had our share of memories on road trips haven't we? Maybe this can be a topic of a great blog for you one day! Love, Mother

Connie and Tony said... Reply To This Comment

I loved having you boys here. Thanks for visiting! I have to disagree on one thing though... the weather is not perfect! It's wayyy to hot for January! Meh. OH and Dad, you're awesome for wanting to post on my blog. Feel special cause I'd never let mom do that. haha jk mom. I love how in love you two are...awwww.

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, Jed! Isn't it great here in Mesa Town? :)

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

Dad, thanks for stopping by!