Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Cards!

First off, what is up with this?:

What does it MEAN!? Someone please explain this to me. My mom took this picture; she found this sign in a parking lot in Utah.

Moving on... since Tony won't blog about it, I gotz ta say, how about those Cardinals?! Pretty unexpected that they are going to the Super Bowl! It'll be crazier, er, more crazy if they win. So yeah, he's excited for the game, I'm excited for the junk food. OK, I'm excited for the game too...

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JED said... Reply To This Comment

Maybe the Cardinals are going to the SB because they are actually a good team this year? Naawww! They are going down this weekend! In your face Connie and Tony! Steelers rule!

Connie and Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Oh no he DIDN'T!

mike said... Reply To This Comment

yeah go steelers.....oh wait I thought I said it wrong.....nope! the steelers are gonna rock the cards world!

Lecia said... Reply To This Comment

Your mom should send that sign into Jay Leno for Headlines.

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Mike and Lynn are obviously IDIOTS! especially Mike though, give me some brother-in-lawly love! And also because Lynn has worked for the military for 25 years and could probably break my arm in 12 different ways. Dude, the Steelers are not going to know what hit them come Sunday! The Cards have an amazing and intricate (can you pronounce that Lynn and Mike? say it with me... IN-TRUH-KIT) offense and a newly inspired and staunch defense! The Steelers can't even get the ball into the endzone on offense more than once or twice a game! Ha ha ha i feel bad for anyone rooting for the Steelers!

BTW the score is going to be 31-24 Cards. And i was 18-3 in my predictions so far this season!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Tony, can you pronounce "football?" We say it this way, "The Cards lose." Let me say it again, "the Cards lose."

By the way Tony, I have a perfect record in my predictions, much better than yours. OK, I always, and I mean always, pick the loser. I thought the Dodgers would win the Series, if you could believe that!

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

Go Cards.

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha well done Lynn, well done. Well it looks like the Steelers will be the losers then since you picked them! I wish you guys had texting so i could text trash talk during the game tomorrow!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I can't wait for tomorrow especially since I am voting for the Cards in this Steeler House. Cant wait for the showdown. Ten and 1/2 MPH is still an odd speed limit!---Love, Mother

Connie and Tony said... Reply To This Comment

MOM I was going to call you and persuade you to go for the cards- looks like I didn't have to afterall! Go mom! And, go cards! (:

Connie and Tony said... Reply To This Comment
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Tony said... Reply To This Comment

ouch. the cards lost and i am in pain. Worse yet, my in-laws have bragging rights! (even tho they only rooted for the Steelers to go against me!)

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

What the...? That sign is foolish! :D

I'm so sad the Cardinals didn't get the win! They were SOOO CLOSE! :(