Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Tony!

Tony's birthday was on Sunday this year, so we celebrated it Saturday by going on a hike to Wind Cave, out to lunch, and again out to dinner to Black Angus. We were going to have a picnic after the hike but we ended up not having time- and it was for the best since there were like a thousand scouts everywhere... it wouldn't have been romantic afterall.
Black Angus is great... but after going to Fogo De Chao with Tony's work office the night before, it just didn't compare. If you haven't been to Fogo de Chao in Scottsdale, I highly recommend it. Although it's pricey.

At the bottom

And at the top!
It doesn't seem that high, and it really isn't -but it was fun

So that night... the high chairs at the restaurant were crappy. They didn't have any straps! So at one point, Brody slipped through but he' so big, he got caught and that saved him a fall. It was hilarious trying to get him out, one couple by us couldn't stop laughing. lol
His actual birthday, we went to church as usual, watched the Cardinals win their playoff game, and I had him open his gifts from me and Brody. I think he had a good day

A couple shirts, a tie, gift card, his favorite sees candy, and track pants. He said I did good for him not "wanting anything"
That night we went to our monthly combined FHE with all of his family.
I tried to take a picture of him blowing out his candles but no one waited for me, whatev.
I thought this card was hilarious. It was from my mom. The pirates dropped their shorts when you opened the card

Brodster thought it was funny
Anyway, happy birthday Tony!

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Brea said... Reply To This Comment

happy late bday Tony!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I love that pic of "brodster"(-love that) laughing. what a cutie pie punch. BTW, happy birthday tony!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

You have eight pictures of Wind Cave and that matches the low today in Virginia! Am I jealous of the hiking adventure in January? Absolutely! Hey, don't feel too bad for me---the high was 25! It is awesome that you guys did that Both of you look awesome in all your pics---the together ones as well as the individual. I think that picture of the cake is perfect! Who bothers waiting when there's cake to eat? Yes, I know, I trained you 4 kids and Dad to wait until the picture was taken, but then I am obsessed with pictures! (Memories, really). I really liked the card too---that's why I got it and the day I sent it I wrote Perris a letter and had to tell him about it. I think the picture of Brody cracking up is too precious! It is wonderful when kids start to acquire their own sense of humor. You will be amazed at what he will come up with! Finally its cute how he's using the bag handle as a teething ring! I miss you all!!! (Dad gets to have all the fun)! (Now anyway)! Love, Mother

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday to Tony! :)

I have bought that exact same card before...it's HILARIOUS! :D

Mom said... Reply To This Comment
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Moser3 said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, you look really good. I just saw the pics of you guys hiking and you look really fit. Anyways, your little boy is so cute. You look really happy and I am glad. GO ARIZONA!!!