Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pictures, Crafts, and Getting Older

A couple weeks ago, our family (finally) got family pictures done. We've been meaning to since Brody could hold up his head. But time flys. Speaking of time flying, Brody is 7 months old this week! Crazy. Getting our pictures done was a lot of fun, although all three of us (Tony, me, and the photographer) were trying so so hard to get Brody to smile. He smiled in a few though...

A couple days ago was our wards annual R.S. Craft Night! Tony is very understanding to me, he knows how much I love craft night. So he lets me go nuts and buy probably too much for me to handle. Although I thought I was being moderate this year, I still worked till the very end and had to finish at home. Mom, I know you wanted to see what I made...

Photo Coasters- here's just a couple Coaster Box- I did this a little differently, most people had all one color/print box, I brought two different kinds of paper to make the lid different than the box. I think it turned out well.
"Thankful" Blocks (probably my favorite this year)-
Letter Board-
Well there's the latest.

13 lovely comments:

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Those pictures are so great! :)

Your crafts look awesome...I agree with you, the Thankful blocks are super cute! :)

Your blog design looks so pretty!

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

cute family pics and way cute crafts. We just finished our wards craft night and I'm on the committee so it isn't as enjoyable. But it still is fun.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I am in love with ALL of the crafts you made! You will have to show me how to make them...ok?

Your family pictures turned out great! I love them :)

Cutest blog header...sooooo adorable!

I hope you guys can come to the party tonight. Did you get my invite on facebook? Meh...e-mail me at larthestar23 "at" hotmail "dot" com

The Molino Family said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, Your blog looks great! I esp. love the picture you both are kissing brody!! want one!

DAD said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, you owe your daddy some pix!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Dad- the picture is in the mail! Well, it will be on Monday... or sometime...look forward to it!
Anne- I dont have that one printed but I'll mail you a wallet or two if you want of another pose.
Lauren- the crafts are super easy! My problem is collecting all of the stuff you need for it. Like Modge Podge and sand paper. I definately do not have that kinda stuff lying around...

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

Love the family pics! Your little guy is so cute!

And I totally love to do crafts and yours look so good!

Ty said... Reply To This Comment

brody is the coolest kid ever

sylvia said... Reply To This Comment

Very lovely family pictures. Time really does go by too fast. I love your crafting!

Carrie Carp said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, I gotta be honest I know NOTHING about running. In fact, I hate running. But I'm doing it because I want to be a healthier human. All I know is I feel like poo when I don't. I'm not running any more than 3 miles a day, and my race is only 6.2 miles or something. Someone told me that for a 10k that you should just train for a 5k and then your adrenaline helps with the rest, but who knows if that's true?! Anyway, sorry I don't know more. Wait, didn't Tony run cross country in high school?

And I LOVE Brody's cankles! I think baby cankles are the greatest thing ever invented. Either that or the double chin, it's a toss up.

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

You probably had a hard time getting Brody to smile because he is seriously in need of Grandma Nelson hugs and kisses! That's it!!! I know it!!! Just tell him I'll be seeing him in 38 days (but who's so fanatic they keep track)???? (Yup, Me!!!) You all look fantastic in the pictures, I really like Tony's hair and your choice of outfits is great! I love the white with the jeans!!! You won't ever regret having "matching" pictures (remember the blue jean shirts from your childhood)? To this day that's one of my favorite family pics!!! Anywho, while it is true that your crafts are impressive, I have to say YOU and TONY and BRODY are the most impressive. I really loved having you last Christmas come visit and it's getting that melancholy time of year when I really would just drather spend time with the family than go to work! Hey, though, Best Friends Run Together, Right?? Tempe, AZ Iron Girl 10 Miler here we come!!!! See ya' soon!!! ... New running shoes for me and you!!! We deserve it!!! There's a place in my heart that is reserved for you and only you!!! Love, Mother

Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

1) LOVE your new background and header! you are just so good at whipping those up!

2) your crafts turned out fantastic! (yeah, the thankful blocks are my fav too - thanksgiving gets so overlooked - it needs to get more decorations in honor of it)

3) love Love LOVE your family photos! you guys are the prettiest family! Brody's chubby cuteness puts a smile on my face as always! - keep the pics of him coming!

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Connie! I love the coasters that you made! They seem like a great Christmas presents so...if you could...let me know how you made them because that'll be will totally awesome. P.S. Brody is getting cuter and cuter every day!