Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For you, Mom and Dad

And Mike... and Anne... whew. If my tribute to Arizona post didn't get my family packing their bags for the next flight to Mesaville, I guess I have to bring your grandson/nephew to you. 6 months already but I feel like it's been longer. His first tooth is making it's way in and he's all over our apartment. Anyway so here are some recent pics of our little (BIG) guy. Enjoy. Everyone else, you're free to enjoy too.. even though you probably see him more. (:

Ignore my funny voice and the fact that I let Brody lay on the tile... Apartment living doesn't give me much options on that last one. They're not soft, but at least I can say the floors are clean!

7 lovely comments:

The Molino Family said... Reply To This Comment

What a great post! I love my brody-man! Thanks Connie for thinking of us far away relatives!

uncle mike said... Reply To This Comment

well i'm glad i still get to see the little fellow even though there's a 2000 mile gap between us. thank goodness for blogging right!?

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Go Brody Go!!! Thanks for sharing our Grandson with us!!! He's awesome, (takes after his parents)! Love, Mom, Momma Nelson, Grandma!

Tisdale Family said... Reply To This Comment

So cute! I am amazed at how much they get into when they start crawling! Way to go Brody!

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Awww...Brody is sooo cute! :D

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I don't know if you saw my comment back to you, so...

I think your dark hair is absolutely GORGEOUS! I usually only highlight hair that is naturally medium to light brown or lighter, because the results are so much more predictable. That means less stress for me. I hope I'm not too much of a disappointment! :(

DAD said... Reply To This Comment

Brody looks like he is posing for his football pictures. Now don't get any ideas: he will play for BYU not Michigan. I am not sure if he should be a fullback or a lineman. Believe it or not Connie, your Daddy was a lineman...anyway Brody has speed and hands. Look how he handles the ducky. On the other hand, he has the shoulders to block with. I am so confused.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Haha don't worry Dad, BYU it is. Since afterall, it's your, mom, Perris, and my school! Your funny, I guess we'll see what position he'll play! I love and miss my family!!!! ):