Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Beginning

Sunday marks two married years for Tony and I. Seems like a long time for me but at the same time we've had so many adventures and trials, it should be longer than that. I love being married to Tony, he's so downright awesome. Since we are celebrating our anniversary this week I thought I'd do a couple things. First, I want to say 3 things I love about Tony:

1. He's hilarious. I love a good laugh- and Tony provides one on a daily basis. Once, we were sitting on the couch and he excitedly jumped up to grab a dew in the fridge. Noticing his excitement for his favorite beverage, something told me he was going to do the robot dance. And what did he do on his way to the fridge? The robot dance! It was great

2. He's loving. Ever so rarely, I can be slightly emotional. Which leads to me being sorta cranky. My family has a name for it- Connie Claws (how rude). But I admit, Tony has been clawed a few times for no reason at all; but, he's always the one hugging ME and telling ME sorry. What a swell guy.

3. Hardworking. Tony is going to school full time and working full time because he firmly believes that I should be home with Brody. I really appreciate his hard work for our family!

How did this union come to be you may ask? When Tony and I meet new people we're often asked, "So how did you two meet?" and I'm always cutting the story short. I shall no longer deprive you of the real story, so let it be told! And actually, you'll get the double long version, muahahahaha! (Well it's still not everything)...

My sister Anne (lets call her) went to EFY in 2001 and met a guy from Arizona who was in a band and played bass (lets call him C. Smith... NO Chris S.) Chris mailed Anne a CD of their bands songs and they became good friends over the years. 2002-2003 Anne joins army, stops correspondence with Chris. Here's where I come in!
February 2004-I felt it my duty (for some weird reason) to email Chris with the news of Anne's joining the army. To do this, I knew I had to go on their bands website and get his email address. While I was meandering through the website, I noticed a striking young man who played the guitar. It was mentioned on there that they were giving away FREE CD'S! I had listened to their music, and liked it a lot. Now that Anne would be gone, I would certainly need a CD of my very own. So, I picked the lead singer to email and requested a CD. Oh how cool I felt when he actually responded! I thought he was very nice, especially for some hotshot lead singer in a band. We wrote back and forth a couple times. He was surprised to hear I was all the way in Virgina. (I moved there after graduating high school) But, despite our distance, he was willing to get me his songs and offered a few ways to do that. What a nice guy. Month later, we stopped talking and I was left CD less.

November 2005- I was sitting in my apartment at BYU and I was having quite the boring day. I felt worn out from dating useless guys and working two jobs. It was time for me to leave Provo, and I knew that. I was online checking my email and started going through old emails. I found the emails me and that lead singer wrote back and forth and I thought, HEY! That guy never got me a CD! I wonder what happened... So after much deliberation, I decided what the heck, I'll just email him again and see if he remembers me and see if THIS time he'll get me one. I got a quick response back from him saying he was on a mission but if I wanted one he'd get me one in March when he got home. In the meantime, he thought I could write him (what a missionary). So we started writing letters and included pictures. Weird random fact: After my first letter from this missionary, I felt the need to pray about him. Nothing marriage wise, but just telling Heavenly Father what I was doing and if that was OK. I was nervous to have a pen pal- who didn't live in China, and who I was kinda connected to.

March 2006 rolled around and he was now home from his mission. I was instantly aware of the fact that he was an RM, he's adorable, and so he certainly would have girls chasing him down. I wasn't too far from the truth, and for that reason I was pretty much turned off to him. I'm not one for that kind of competition, and I hate rejection. So to me, if nothing else, I had a few fun months writing that attractive missionary and I'd probably get a CD out of it. (Who am I kidding, who cares about the CD at this point?) Anyway, although I was certain I didn't want to go after a guy who had several girls going after him, I couldn't deny the crush I'd gained for him and I rather enjoyed his calls and texts. Before he came home on his mission he told me of his plans to go to Utah for his mission buds wedding. He thought it would be a perfect time to meet up, finally. (I was back at school- but this time at BYU-Idaho.) I went back and forth with the idea- but felt more comfortable with deciding against meeting him. My roommate who was supposed to drive us to Utah (they were all going for a different reason that same weekend), got in an accident and could no longer drive. That was it, I was definitely NOT going now- besides, I didn't want to on the weekend before finals. But on one of our daily conversations with this hot guitar playing RM, he sang "quit playing games with my heart" to me (since I kept saying I'd go and then would change my mind). That won me over. I decided I would drive the 4 1/2 hours in my not so reliable car, to meet him. If the guy was a jerk, at least I'd have roommates with me for support. I couldn't lose, although I was preparing for the absolute worst.

April 22, 2006- The first time ever seeing him was like a scene out of a movie. The sun was setting beautifully behind him as he came walking toward me and at about 15 feet away, we ran to each other and immediately hugged in a way that felt like long lost friends reuniting after years of being apart. Conversation was so easy with Tony, he was hilarious and no doubt cuter than his pictures. I was wrong, the weekend didn't crash and burn like I'd imagined, and I didn't need my roommates to console me. Better yet, I was glad I went; and, smiled as I drove home, remembering that thing Tony said to me after the first couple of hours... "if we get married, we can have a music room.. and make music together."

Long story even longer, we have talked everyday since that time. I had to drive from Idaho to California after the semester was over (so, like a week later) and I ended up taking a detour to Arizona on my way to see him again. I almost wasn't able to, but a series of events made it happen (that's another cool story, but I'll spare you). It was a good thing too because that was when I knew we were going to get married. He took me on a gondola ride, he also showed me a song on the guitar he started writing for me... I knew I was going to marry him. We had a long distance thing for a couple of months but managed to make trips out to see each other. He was in Florida then, selling pest control, and I was back in Virginia. It didn't take long for him to go back to Arizona and for me to move out here, too. It was crazy that two people so far from each other for so long ended up happily married 6 months from the day we finally met. I love this story because our meeting was years in the making and I didn't even know it. Happy 2 years, Tony.

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Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

Hey! And to think... I helped with engagement night. Awe... hehe. You guys SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!

The Molino Family said... Reply To This Comment

Whats great about this is I can take all the creadit!! 2 years---congrats guys. love you both.

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

That's the best love story ever! But you told it better at your bridal shower!! Congrats on the 2 years!!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Umm...cutest story of my life!! I love it.

Sarah and Trent Buehler said... Reply To This Comment

That is such a cute story...thanks for coming over to dinner the other week. It's fun to get to know you better!

Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I loved the way you wrote the story. I also know the series of events that led you to Utah. It is cool that Heavenly Father and your sis, and others had such a role to play in bringing you two together. Happy 2 year anniversary and of course I am Very Happy to be Brody's grandmother!!!! Love, Mother

Jonathan Darling said... Reply To This Comment

I cant believe i didnt get any props in your story! sure you mention one of tonys "buddies" but no love to the DARLINGS! J/K!!! i just wanted some credit even though i had nothing to do with you two hooking up.
HAPPY TWO YEARS!!! that is so awsome! i still wish lindsey and i could have made it out to AZ for the wedding. we have to hook up sometime!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Ahh ha ha ha! Looks like there were a lot of people involved... (: Thanks to ALL who brought me to my best friend, Tony! I owe ya one

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, I LOVED reading yours and Tony's story! Happy Anniversary! :)

Guess what? I've known Tony ever since he was an itty bitty baby!

Yay for Undeclared!!!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

This is such an awesome story! It's crazy how you were so far away and ended up together. CUTE!