Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why I love Arizona

I grew up in gorgeous weather. Southern California is known for that. And since then I've lived in humid weather (DC), frigid weather (Idaho), and almost perfect weather.. to me anyway.. (Utah). I have to say living in Arizona isn't the most pleasant all the time because quite frankly, you can't get me outside for more than 10 minutes during the summer, unless I'm in a pool of water. And electric bills shoot through the roof just to keep the house under 80 degrees. Not to mention the bugs (scorpion) that took up residence in my shower... so much for pest control. Although this summer got me thinking I was mad for living in a climate such as this, I realized negative thoughts weren't going to make it cooler, or greener... so, I started making a mental list of reasons why Arizona is actually pretty great. SO I thought I'd share it...

First off, I can't get enough of the saguaro cactus! I wish there were more, actually!

Secondly, everything you could ever want is so close. In my case, every place I need to go is like 5 minutes away, including my beloved mall. I've seriously never seen so many targets in a 5 mile radius. In my hometown, there was ONE Wal-mart and it was 20minutes away, by freeway. Yeah.

3.) Monsoon season is pretty much the coolest "natural disaster" there is. If you can even call it one. I just love the crazy thunder and lightning storms... and the abundance of "moisture".

This was a picture I took last month, pretty crazy

4.) It gets kinda hot in the summer.. but there are a plethora of cold-treat places! I've found Bahama Bucks, as well as QT, to be quite refreshing in such cases. Oh, they're great.

This cracks me up, I don't know why.

5.) Can you say great sports teams? I just love the Suns and Dbacks. Every sports team has their disappointing games (or seasons) but I still find much enjoyment in watching our local teams play.

6.) The church is true. It has to be, look at how many members are everywhere. Jk. But, I love it around here because there are so many people who do go to the same church as me- but not everyone does so that's good too (:

7.) The sunsets in Arizona are breathtaking. I love being inside my house and noticing that my walls are hot pink and then looking out and seeing the most beautiful sunset. They just make me so happy.

8.) I live for winter now. I love that you don't have to shovel snow and brave the freezing winters- you can just enjoy the crisp air and constant sunshine! Awesome!

Adjusting to Arizona has been pretty easy for me. I complain about the heat a lot but I don't think I would ever want to move somewhere else. Have I recruited any family? No. DO I hope to? OH YES! And there's more to love, besides the upsides I just mentioned. What do you love?

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Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

Conniekins, I use to live in Tuscon when I was like, 5, so I know what you mean about the scorpions. But what I love about Arizona is the tunnels you take to get into Phoenix. Whenever we would visit friends, my mom would wake me and Tiffany up for the tunnels, if she didn't, she would have to turn around and drive through them again. Amazing photos Connie!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Danielle, I don't think I knew you used to live in AZ. Cute blog btw, I wish you had the comment feature though- I can't comment!

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

I'm sorry there isn't a single thing I like about AZrizona. Everday I wished I lived somewhere else (mostly California). Sorry to be a downer but it's true.

Grandpa Nelson said... Reply To This Comment

I can think of three things I love about Arizona: Tony, Connie, and (most of all) Brody. Did I say anywhere how much he really looks like his Grandpa Nelson? Or that he is as witty and charming as his Grandpa Nelson? Well, if I did not, please note that Brody gets his looks, his wit, his brawn, and his sense of humor from his Grandpa Nelson.

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

Well, I love AZ because my entire family lives here. I love the fact that the three sprinkles of rain brings the most fragrant rain smell in the world. I love that I can drive only an hour and a half and get snow if I wanted... thus I don't have to shovel it at home. And I love the amazing brown cloud of dust that you can see 30 miles in the distance because they travel miles up into the air. It's amazing! I love az,... but then again, i'm arizona born and raised!

The Molino Family said... Reply To This Comment

Traitor!! Just kidding I remember you always picking Arizona for where you wanted to live when we played MASH.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Heck yea AZ is where its at! except for the 7 months of the year when its above 100 degrees! haha jk. but yea its all about the grand canyon state baby! And now winter will be here soon and the Suns start playing again! We are in for some good times!