Thursday, August 14, 2008

That's one expensive cup of ice!

I was craving sweets one night (like everynight) so I had Tony convinced we needed to go to Golden Spoon. The place was packed (blast!) so I opted to go to Bahama Bucks. I LOVE their bahama rama mamas. This time I decided to just get a plain snowcone. I walked out of there, $4.08 cents poorer and began enjoying my treat. As I got half way down I realized I had no more syrup. My first instinct was to enjoy it anyway. But as soon as Tony asked if I wanted to go back and get more syrup, I decided they owed it to me; and I wouldn't look like a picky person for asking. So I went in and quietly told a worker I had a dry snowcone and the person yells out for all to hear "HEATHER! WAY TO GO! YOU'RE SKIMPING ON SYRUP AGAIN!" I felt SO bad for this girl! She looked SO embarrassed to have her singled out as a 'syrup skimper'. But that's another story... So as I waited, the owner (I'm guessing) asked for my punch card and gave me enough punches to get a free snowcone! Which to me is like winning the lottery. SO, I figured it was worth it to go back and ask after all...

Likewise, I opened up my TV bill for the month and realized it had gone up ANOTHER $10. This was the second time in the last few months we've had an increase. Outrageous. At first I figured it was a lost cause, who could argue with "the man". But after seeing an ad in the mail for the same thing we have, but for half the price, I decided to give the man a lil phone call. It was well worth it because they took the increase off for the next year and offered me extra channels (free) for the next six months! 'Kay, you must know, I'm not generally picky or constantly complining to get my way... promise. But I've found that it can never hurt to ask!

Moving along... a Happy Birthday to MIKE! My twin for the next few days(: I'm sad I wasn't there to put up streamers, make a cake, and do all the cheesy birthday stuff I usually do, but at least this year I could call! You're great mike... seriously, if it weren't for my awesome bro, I wouldn't have had some of my awesome summer adventures(:

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I feel sad for the girl. The owner is dumb...he could have talked to her later in private. I am glad you got a free one though!

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