Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shout out to Perris

I wanted to acknoledge my baby brother Perris today because in about 2 days he'll be off serving in the Bilbao, Spain mission! I'm so proud of both my brothers for choosing to serve missions! I love you so much and I'll miss you, Perris!!

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I'll be home before you know it Connie. I love you so much. Make sure Brody knows his uncle Pear and write me every fast Sunday.

I wuv you!

sylvia said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Connie! I'm so glad you told me about your blog - I'm going to love checking in on your sweet family and seeing how little Brody grows. He's already so big!

Jessie said... Reply To This Comment

are you kidding, connie?? of course i've seen the Muppet Christmas Carol!!! My mom and i watch it EVERY YEAR! haha, i LOVE that movie! (and that's where i got the post title)

i know that movie like the back of my hand!

"prove it."

"okay. Uh, there a mole right next to my thumb"